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dobh swim

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dobh swim

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Some amusing times with a splash and a dash from the kid named after an otter.

Streets of NY: Follow up: The one in which we get our order:)

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In a prior post  I related a fun non dining experience we had at a local restaurant.  Well I chatted with the franchise office and  their expectations  re what happened.      Found out the troublesome waitress had left   and that they acknowledged the  staffing/ management issues which they  had corrected but the changes were yet to be evident. Anyway  they invited us to have the meal we tried to get prior.  Usually when we get shafted this bad we’ve told people that  no amount of free food is going to cut it,  e.g   we’re just letting them know why we’re leaving.   This time I acquiesced since , we like their pizza. I’ve been to  2 more of their stores regularly ,dinner and lunch,  and this was  hopefully an aberration. 

Well the good news is the meal was  very good.  Pizza rocks,  wings are desperately average with nothing to recommend them but their fries were good and the kid loved them.  So  far so good.  I updated my prior scathing review but will   go a couple of times   paid before making up my mind. 

Barring a miracle the LP has just thrown out the maternity ward with the bath water.

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Life really is too short for politics and that’s when you are on the winning side. What any LP member with a conscience is feeling now is not for me to guess. Bob Barr being the Libertarian candidate for president is as plausible as Ben Stein heading up Nature magazine’s editorial committee.

I dropped my involvement with the national party a couple of years back which is a shame as I’d like to double remove x 23 any association with the kind of people that think that Barr = liberty. He may say that he doesn’t want the boots of the Fed on your face but he’s not so forthcoming over about the fifty pairs on a state level that can regulate with the same disregard for the people they’ve claimed lay under their control.

Classically Liberal

Has quite a few posts on this odious man from Georgia.

Obeying the law can be fun, and work wonders. best civil disobediance ,ever?

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Once more here are some links to a UK comedian, and activist, Mark Thomas.

  I brought him up last year in this post and holy  hell this is the follow up. The original audio feed has gone but there’s a You Tube version  Part 1,2 and 3  follow. I promise this is worth your time.   This is the realization of what “Tv Nation” could only dream of  on their most lucid day. 


Part 2  and Part 3 .

 Demonstrations  in the UK near Parliement without  prior permission was made illegal.  One person constituted a demonstration if there was , at the policeman’s disgression,  a  political statement.   Meanwhile the agents of the state continued holding events with out requiring, or being in fear which is where  came about.   Looks like the the law’s repealed  so his involvement seems to have had an effect.  Please give the first ten minutes  your consideration  and think about the fun you can have obeying the law.     Butler Shaffer relates a few suggestions from one of his recent articles.

Many cities have ordinances making it a misdemeanor for a homeowner to fail to cut his/her grass before it reaches a stated limit on height. Someone told me of an acquaintance who let his grass grow almost to the maximum height allowed. When one of his neighbors commented on this, the property owner went into his house, brought out a yardstick to measure the grass, then commented that the grass still had two inches to grow before reaching the statutorily-defined limit. He then reportedly asked the neighbor “you don’t want me to violate the ordinance, do you?”

A friend of mine told me of the practice of one of her male friends who was subject to the Selective Service System. One of the mandates of this agency was that those subject to conscription had to keep it advised of any relocations. This young man carried a stack of pre-addressed post-cards, upon which he would write: “I am now at the Rialto Theater at 3rd and Main” and drop it in a mailbox. After leaving the theater, he would send another post-card reading: “I am now at the Bar-B-Q Rib House at 10th and Oak.” 

Come on let’s be the bestest , most compliantest ,  citizens ever:D

Another Naked attempt at theft : Porn operators get dp’ed while the rest of us are downloaded upon: proposed Cali Fornication

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Now there’s always some insane plan by an elected “Daddy” for the people. While the article doesn’t give the bill number, AB 1956 and AB 2914, which is about par for the lazy ass press it was a wider attempt to grab cash than merely go after pron. The want beer, movie downloads, music downloads and just about anything that they don’t like. I hate this since the worse CA becomes the more people move here, bitched about the services they had in Ca then try to enact the same stupid measures here. The only obscenity is that putrid jizz stains like the congressman here has been allowed into that position by the people in the state. That he’s apparently willing to make up shit re the cost of policing suggests a somewhat “justifies the means” method is truly frightening.

News: Sex-shop owners fighting proposed 25 percent tax | tax, adult, strip, bill, business –

Sex shops and strip clubs would have to pay an extra 25 percent tax on their sales and services under a proposed state law meant to offset the costs of allowing such businesses into a community.

Here’s a better article , one that HAS, the bill numbers in it.

Wendy’s : The bitch wants her change back too? Toddler copies it.

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We must go looking  for this treatment.  I think our expectations on how one should be treated at a fast food drive in has been spoiled by the  two local McD’s  staff there seem  happier than  BK and Wendies and the night shifts at Jack in the Box  are downright scary 🙂   Yet until tonight no one had called Erin, least to her face,   a bitch.  Her crime?  Expecting that her order and change would be correct.

Here’s the run down


(602) 548-1966

Order kids meal , cheeseburger nothing on it,   They have no choc milk,  no orange juice for option for
kids and  didn’t understand the concept of root beer thinking Mr Pibb qualifies as such.

paid  1st window, asked for receipt
said  do it next window
wrong order with receipt for chicken nuggets.
Had to wait for them to  recognise she was still at window
came back  with order correct, waited another  45 secs while they realised she’s waiting.
Erin asked , where’s the change   for correct order.
They then said you paid  for nuggets  , not a burger,  eg,  not recognizing that was the point.
woman heard   through window, never saw her said “the bitch wants her change too”
our  toddler heard this, and said bitch after it.

Called  JMJ the  franchise owners, closed. SO called  1800 829 3639 Corp relayed story.

There you have it.   They  fuck up an order,  argue about it, don’t follow their own guidelines on receipts and then  call you a bitch.  I am so looking forward to my chat with their  franchise owner:)

Ring ring a round up post.

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Ok I think I really dislike the new way to add images in WordPress 2.5. Flow is crap and the tweaking still needed a jump to HTML which I should just have bloody done in the first place. Ok onto the news. I spent a lot of time

shopping for a ring for Creddy and have to say that SEO is being done so well by three companies that without some interesting search techniques I would have only been able to shop at three credible sites:)

Titanium Ring with black diamond

I am glad I persevered since the winner came from which suffers from possibly the worst check out system ever the still functions:) . I messed up the price since I thought I could count, oh I can, just a shitty 10 key operator and stiffed them $10 , paid them of course but the carts appearance made me go check out the cert / co etc just to be sure.

On a funny note one of the “hacker safe ” sites, the kind that’s meant to be so rigorously checked to ensure all their shit is above board. E.g they are meant to check the site daily and if it’s not in compliance the logo isn’t displayed. Well one of the sites on my travel had an expired cert on it, over 2 weeks old, and still had that stupid logo. Oh the logo works do a search on the goog for it and you can see real A:B comparisons of more sales because people believe what they see. Kudos for the people that market the variants of these it’s the best idea since bottled water from a city source:D

Anyway tried to buy the ring locally. Fat chance. In the end I got a price from a local store that was way over the net price and had a 4 week waiting period. I’ll pay premium in my hand today.. four weeks is taking the piss though.

Just Metal has a good selection, Edward Mirell I couldn’t get close to finding locally and had the long lead times and  sadly the true tension settings , a la Kretchmer ,  were out of price this time round but also it’s too big to get under a bike glove.  Take time to read about the man it’s a severe annoyance that he died so young.

This site , Titanium Era I really liked, and that seems to have the SEO part nailed, and I’ll be going there soon as I work out what size I am:) . Their timascus rings are awewome and I want a matching knife to go with that:D

How many screensaver posts have you seen lately? Look I have to have something to watch while using the phone:)

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Blame the recent enthusiasm for Jonathon Coulton and our attendance at the Phoenix concert this part Thursday for this post. One of the songs played Mandelbrot set which got me thinking about Fractals and the screensaver I used to enjoy more than the bills I received for staying online. This time I found something way cooler with links to one of my top ten favorite movies based on a short story by an author I like. Please enjoy the electric sheep screen-saver

Out of interest the only pop science book that I have lost is called ” Chaos” by James Gleick

God awful reasoning . The real tyranny is democracy but let’s just pretend otherwise

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Tyranny of the atheist minority

Imagine that – only 1.6 percent atheists, yet their beliefs are becoming the law of the land. A minority forcing its will on the majority – isn’t this the classic definition of tyranny?

Well apart from obvious that all the believers aren’t believing in the same god it makes for oh say interesting discussion to claim that since under 1% of people are of the Hindu faith , the other 99% are not, in fact they could be atheists in relation to the Hindu pantheon. So any faith that doesn’t have numerical supremacy loses .You just have to love large democracies.

I despair at this “we’re under attack” mentality. USA has the highest adherence amongst the developed world yet. So is he saying that 1.5% of non believers are more capable of getting shit down and modifying society to their will than the faithful? Maybe less time spent listening to how flawed and evil we are allows for some practical improvements to be made?

I’m tired of the atavistic call to all the founders, or most of them or just the ones we really like in the US pantheon are god happy ergo country = god happy and a Christian nation. They were also male so can I apply the same principle here to who gets to say what happens?

He also uses a loose definition of tyranny which can be, in this last century at least, the masses going along with the plan. Lastly I could give a flying spaghetti monster about your inner mental life till it affects mine. I can’t get my head around how we’d know if your praying without such a public display being required so this stopping you thinking is not something you can lay at the feet of the non theist.

You stopped thinking by yourself when you adopted a millienia old creed that is as relevant to life in the 21st C as Paris Hilton is to string theory.

Random Annoyance : concert goers that believe you have an obligation to amuse them

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Tired of reading reviews from shows I’ve attended were someone has to tie their happiness to the reaction, in most cases ,or non reaction of the audience. Shit! I’m sorry I didn’t know I had to learn all the fucking words to each song, find out there’s a secret dance and possibly even a handshake to go along with the ticket

Had enough of this bs at various Rocky Horror shows ( both UK and USA) from people that loved the show ..but.. kvetched about enough of the audience where either dressed up, calling back or a myriad other things that separate you from being a “true fan.

Hey if you want us to amuse you pay us:) I’m not stopping you dancing, singing, dressing up or twittering away and until now not bitching about. Whiny blog post over.

Streets of New York 5843 W. Thunderbird : They made for a Mother of a service . AVOID!

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This franchise decided that on a Mother’s day that having two front of house staff, one on his third day is acceptable staffing for a busy period. They had no milk, there was no coffee, we had to get our own silverware, petition for menu and then go get our sugar ( this is all small stuff but when you realize that’s what we pay for it becomes annoying,)

Finally get an order in and the order was not matching the description. Their garlic pizza has Alfredo sauce, this one came with tomato which doesn’t agree with Erin. So let’s ask them to change it. Oops they say we don’t have Alfredo sauce either. At this point I was just fed up and asked to see someone.

It went badly , seemingly we should know that their pizza when ordered by the slice is always tomato and that the waiter told us otherwise , and that we believed him, is something we should basically accept and eat. The story changed to say we do have the sauce but that it’s not available by the slice. No effort made to correct it and by the time she decided to argue with my wife it was a case of I’ll pay for the drinks, salad we had and leave. She said ok , then turned round and in front of the other customers basically said , no , why don’t you just go, or you can go now. Either way it was about as unprofessional as I’ve seen.

I understand two staff will get stressed trying to handle this but the management put them into that position . They know they don’t have staff, they know to order enough milk, ( not like Fry’s grocery isn’t next door) and they can’t make coffee? ) They should know never to berate the customer for requesting an item to match that on the menu. All in all until an under new management sign appears or their franchisee is kicked into shape I’d avoid dining in at this place

Streets of New York :: Pizza • Pasta • Subs

oh my a bad case of wind. Ducati Multistrada mirror falls off in use.

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Took the bikes out the other day. I’m currently on a Ducati Multistrada S which is meant to be suitably impressive. I don’t think they got their reputation from their mirrors though. ( I’ll get into the pulsing braking at low speed and the impressive heat generation under my cans, from the cans later but not never the insanely bad handling in sidewinds)

The wind. The stock mirror was broken from the bike at under 100mph by wind, nothing hit me the bloody thing just sheared off and flopped atop my right hand, you know the braking and accelerating one, causing interesting moments. Will be a fun chat with dealer on Monday

new week old blah

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Go to Dr, take it easy they say , no really just don’t do anything stressful. Spend the next day with Kid hurling in cafe, Erin being ill then me throwing up over several hours 2100 – 0400 last night.

This may not be what the DR ordered. I’m suffering from an annoying bout of mortality this week.

Brief Iron man thoughts Nicely burnished :)

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Really enjoyed most of this apart from what now seems to be the ,hinted at , obligatory torture porn that really seems to excite the locals.

That being said I’d like to annoy the camp that have taken the “arms merchant repents ” meme and failed to realize that at a fundamental level nothing changes. Neal Young’s “kinder gentler machine gun hand” is still in force for the ultimate resolution. Seemingly they haven’t, like the RIAA, got a clue that making something available for , oh let’s call it evil, does not obligate a human to carry out that evil.