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Now this is a cunt of a problem. Reporting news without coming off as a bit of a pussy.

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I would have thought blasphemy  to be a victimless crime.  The funniest thing about the story  was the article having cunt obscured as a word but a picture showing the same word on the t shirt.  Maybe that’s why this is hard to take seriously 🙂

Silly  Aussie,  rights are for Amurrricans;)

ZGeek – Teen arrested for “Jesus is a Cunt” T-shirt

It is blasphemous, will get you arrested and has sparked debate about Australia’s lack of a Bill of Rights.

Meet Cradle of Filth, an extreme metal band from England. Their offensive shirt that claims ‘Jesus is a (expletive deleted)’ and depicts a nun masturbating.

A 16-year-old was arrested on Monday for wearing the shirt and was charged with offensive behaviour under the Summary Offences Act 2005 for public nuisance.

Senior Sergeant Arron Ottaway said the teen was walking along Hollywell Road, in Biggera Waters, when a officer saw him.

Please stop pretending. There’s only one War party with two wings

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Morningstar – Dow Jones & Company, Inc.: FISA Deal Will End Court Cases Vs Phone Cos – GOP Lawmakers

And now a message from your masters. So this guy is an R , so what, check out how the “opposition” failing to prevent it, like they failed on the Patriot act, on the TSA and on the ongoing funding. Stop defending your Obama he’s for this shit too.

Sen. Kit Bond (R-Missouri)

“I’m not here to say that the government is always right, but when the government tells you to do something, I’m sure you would all agree that I think you all recognize that is something you need to do,” Bond said.

Last word to George.

My invisible friend can beat up your invisible friend

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I love it  when the followers of love and peace get into a fight.Looks like the old case of  “it doesn’t matter what’s written as long as I get to interpret it for you” Same  goes for constitutions as it does from fairy tails.. 


Evangelist accuses Obama of ‘distorting’ Bible –

People are using the roads less hence more congestion? Yep you’d need to be in government to come up with that.

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“History shows that we’re going to continue to see congested roads while gas tax revenues decline even further,” she said.

I think I need a lie down. Concern that she’s getting less

Americans drive 1.4 billion fewer highway miles –

“History shows that we’re going to continue to see congested roads while gas tax revenues decline even further,” she said.

Really.. Please I’d like to see that history as I am fucking puzzled how less cars on the road = more congestion.

It used to be insomnia now I get it from the other end

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Kid’s are not good for ones productivity. For the last 2 months Dobh has been up around 0500 and despite attempts to regulate the bed time it’s just not working out. E.g Get home near six, food, kid bedtime and we’re at 2000 and that leaves 2 hours to fit the rest into. There’s respite on the occasions he stays overnight at the grandparent’s about 2 times a month that leaves… Yep hell.

90 mins of that is useless commuting time ( ok it’s entertainment since I have audio books but.. ) it’s still for the most part a waste of energy. Hey aren’t we fighting a war to secure such energy? Sorry forgot that’s impolite we’re doing it for the children.

No it’s not that difficult to fathom. People believe strange shit that they kill for here too.

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And in the question of the day.

How does one tell that which invisible apart? I’m confused. The obvious answer is ignorant stupid people but hey the shaman has a prettier way of saying it.

“These are vendettas. It is not that people really bewitched somebody,”
he says, adding he believes that witch hunts are really about people
expressing hatred and coming up with an excuse to hurt someone.

What this illustrates? That Sam Harris is mainly right in his book,”The end of faith”. Religion is a framework within which the true nutballs are given license by their society to believe/ behave in manner that wouldn’t arise without an invisible friend to redirect your actions against. Without the casual believers it’s hard to imagine the fanatics would have the moral framework in which to operate and seen for the criminals they really are.While many found that Harris’ conclusion re a form of personal spirituality / mysticism to be a replacement for organized religion was not bleak enough 😉 ( yeah some atheists demand rigidly defined areas of rational thought ) yet this one case points to a better way forward. What’s better billion believing in 1 “gawd” or a billion gods believing that they are Elvis?

Deadly hunt for ‘witches’ haunts Kenya villagers –

– It may be difficult for Western cultures to fathom, but in Western Kenya, beliefs in ghosts and witches are very real. And sometimes they have deadly consequences.

Follow up:Government’s Moral Compass (Yeah, I Laughed Too) by Becky Akers

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More on the incident I posted about last week with relation to the  need our , come on let’s keep the fiction going,  employees castigating  their bosses for a lack of moral fibre.  At the time I didn’t want to confuse the issue, which was mainly the reporting , by adding in more things people don’t want to hear.


Well  now’s the time:)

"We no longer have a moral compass," said the guy who devotes a good portion of his day to stealing other peoples’ property ("Year to date we have seized close to 180 guns," Daryl brags on his blog, "last year we seized 400. In one day alone Vice and Narcotics detectives conducted seven hot spot details, resulting in 42 arrests, seizure of two firearms, three vehicles, ten grams of crack, 1,300 bags of Heroin, and 12 grams of cocaine"). "Anything goes," despaired this "chief among plunderers."

Government’s Moral Compass (Yeah, I Laughed Too) by Becky Akers

Why I dislike Phoenix council. Reason 721 . Recycling people sending me mail to recycle.

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I received a letter from Phoenix telling me that I would be receiving a letter.

The letter came from the people that run the recycling and solid waste , aka trashmen to tell me that the day the bins are emptied is changing and to look out for more details.

Did they get their public communications degree by watching the evening news? Next up the killer ingredient in your home.. After the break, sports, another break for the same story and a denouement which is three lines long. An unamed study says watching tv news makes you a gullible idiot..

Update over: Blog seems happy enough

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 OK that’s all the data  moved and it looks like everything is happy and shiny.  Speed within admin is a lot faster too.  Ok please let me know if you encounter any errors, missing graphics/ files or just need to talk about the best hot sauce to cauterize a heamoroid with 😉

I’m doing a Twitter.. Downtime over weekend:)

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Moving  hosting ..    So as things fall in / out/ in   it’s going to look eep 🙂

Hit-and-run victim left in street without help "claimed" –

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Read the whole thing.  Even  with the later facts that came in CNN  keeps a misleading headline and it seems that cursory scan would leave you with a massively different view if you hit  para 4 that negates much of story.

As to the Police chief a little reading on group psychology e.g  the bystander effect
,something he SHOULD  be aware of ,would  have prevented  a statement that is rather unfortunate.Consider how much of policing in a large city relies on knowledge of groups  and human nature  and  to have your head protector denounce you all as immoral.  Nice going,real nice. 

capital city’s biggest newspaper blaring "SO INHUMANE" on the front page and the police chief lamenting: "We no longer have a moral compass."

"We have no regard for each other," said Chief

Or apparently for waiting till more facts come in.  

Hit-and-run victim left in street without help –

MADD : fake deaths, faux morality what the hell are they drinking over there?

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Reason Magazine – Hit & Run > MADDsteria

The program, titled “Every 15 Minutes,” was designed by Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Its title refers to the frequency in which a person somewhere in the country dies in an alcohol-related traffic accident.

Madd has issues, but ones that can be resolved in entertaining ways. Ideally you could apply this tactic to the children of the school district , public safety department and anyone complicit in this bullshit. Basically faking a death for attention is the sign that they are so ineffective as educators at turning out students that can think. That Madd , having thoroughly demonised drunk, moved to dui are running out of the kind of issues that brings in the money and are now going after fictional representations. When you complain about virtual drunk driving in a game were that is one of the lesser offenses against humanity it makes you , oh well, look like you need to lay of the sauce.