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Even the good villains get lucky sometime: Eric Doyle aka David Lawrence

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I have been  pretty good  in my  reduction of TV over the past two years but then again I always was more in love with the radio. That’s were I first came across David Lawrence, whom I’ve previously said some very nice things about. There’s no need to change that here. What  I am happy about is that  I get to be some kinda human,  how so?   Well there’s always these nagging doubts that schadenfreude was  an inescapable part of my make up since I really do find other people’s  misfortune, specially when it’s   heading towards  Greek tragedy , amusing.   If there’s a church bus and cliff involved  I’m set for the day,  the driver swerved to avoid a tortilla   with the Image of Mary and you may have to medicate me down:)  So it’s  gratifying to see that  three people that I know well enough to have  lunch with, occasionally see working ,are doing so well for themselves based on 


 working  at what they love, yeah that  old cliché:) . More important though I think about the only sane  advice that I regularly hear within new media  is nicely laid out here.  The source ,  someone else I admire,  seems to have the same qualities  which kinda hit me between the  “what the hell am I doing and when will I wake up” eyes:)   Anyway  writing more won’t help,  just  watch. 

From Tim Street

REPOST: The Otterman Empire @ work: brandstreaming yet another nightmare that needs to find a way to Room 101.

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Like most things in life, the universe and what’s still being called social media , you can pull up some aphorism from some Greek that’s been dead for over two millenia to anchor your point to. Do no harm isn’t a bad one, and it’s a lot easier to pull off than do no evil yet neither are as compelling , or succinct as Wil Wheaton’s “don’t be a dick” as an almost libertarian reduction of the non aggression principle into the vernacular. (Sadly his writings on politics really don’t ultimately follow this but let’s not get into that)

In short it’s a set of rules for the relationship between creators, promoters and fans around Sci Fi / Fantasy conventions which can be extrapolated to most commercial interactions.

E.G Are we customers, consumers, data points or people that want to get things done?When you have a “voice” for a corporation engaged in social media maybe it’s a good idea to think about the above because the mode of address you choose in 3/4 cases is going to be wrong.

Can a corporation really be your friend? Does this construct sound real? X is out buying yummy things his company make , Y is out watching their Movie etc Does this sound remotely like a relationship your engaged in? If it doesn’t it’s for the obvious reason that it ISN’T.

I love dealing with people from companies, hate dealing with company names that have a rotating cast of interchangeable responses that would make Turing dance with glee. I can’t tell them apart from a machine or human either.

Wer in ur boahdroomz wutchin yu wit intrst

*invisible pink unicorn peace be unto her hooves.

My irresponsible victimless crime rants.

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Today’s tilting at windmills comes from the UK.  There are two lessons here the most obvious one is “ don’t talk to the police it can rarely, and most likely never,help”    This bright bulb 


Here’s the ITN  story  and  here’s the part I Hate  

Judge Terence Maher told Ferenci that he had carried out "lunatic and grossly irresponsible maneuvers at considerable speed," according to CNN affiliate ITN.

And yet where’s the victim ?   I don’t give a rat’s ass about the  potential victims I want to see a real damage , to real people then  hit the  people with real consequences.   


The UK has turned into one big nanny state with  effete “ jobs worth’s”  trawling the nice and easily identifiable  rather than  going to discover anything that really improves the lives of the citizens.   This is a “free”  country that’s going as far as  setting up a    requirement that  your cell phone is registered

Everyone who buys a mobile telephone will be forced to register their identity on a national database under government plans to extend massively the powers of state surveillance.

Yes,  some bloody  defender against Hitler  we turned out to be.    This blows as  we have land in  Scotland  and the  idea of  trying to deal with people that have this mindset is one I don’t relish.     Also  someone needs to tell them that you can use phones bought in other countries on the local  networks, hah ha  like they care. It’s not about “furriners” it’s about control.  Children of Men   meet the UK    I seriously doubt V is going to be organizing much of anything there:)

Bits and pieces. Scotchtober.

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Like Scotchtober , “Ya yooosed me SKinner! ”  most of this is made up.

Firstly Myspace.    I don’t  like pages that  change their main identity based on the advertiser de jour.  E.g  Am I really on.. oh  ok.   Yes I’m too old for Myspace  but my friends aren’t.

The neighbor hit the car, of course it wasn’t on camera  , this   accident happened likely when turning round in the street.They run a  landscaping business from next door and   don’t  speak English so can’t really politely inquire:(   Two dents appear on the  SUV at the height the posts on their trailer are at  , problem  trailer   vanishes the day it happens, is back and painted. the boat is still in the garage. Yep coincidence  but a trailer that’s always on the street  vanishes on the same day then comes back painted:( 

Our cost of living in  phoenix annually  due to vandalism , clean up from it and general higher insurance is $3k a year.  I  stay here for my  job which is pretty interesting and has nice people but I  really want out from the city. The price is too high in materials for the benefits I get.

the dumb things Scottish cops say: stolen items can end up in hands of criminals?

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In the Duh!  section of Today’s Scottish news it seems that  the theft isn’t as criminal as the “reset” of the item. Stolen gun 100%  in the hand of a criminal.

BBC NEWS | UK | Scotland | Highlands and Islands | ‘Success’ attracting crime gangs

The recovery of the guns was extremely important, following the break-in we dedicated a significant amount of resources to this enquiry, and it is always a concern when firearms are stolen as it is likely that they will end up in the hands of criminals.

Hitchen’s on our adopted homeland and yes it seems we have bananas.

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I’ve argued with people in the past that to use a quote is  agree to the defense of it’s inclusion.  I’ve never been amused by those trying to wiggle out of a comment  by stating it’s not their words so .. Cough BS.  So while I don’t agree on the latter paragraph  as being accidental, e.g the military picking up where the system failed since I believe that it’s there to benefit from such, the rest is pretty much what the US looks like from here.

America the Banana Republic: Politics & Power:

Now ask yourself another question. Has anybody resigned, from either the public or the private sectors (overlapping so lavishly as they now do)? Has anybody even offered to resign? Have you heard anybody in authority apologize, as in: “So very sorry about your savings and pensions and homes and college funds, and I feel personally rotten about it”? Have you even heard the question being posed? O.K., then, has anybody been fired? Any regulator, any supervisor, any runaway would-be golden-parachute artist? Anyone responsible for smugly putting the word “derivative” like a virus into the system? To ask the question is to answer it

I knew we’ were f’ed but this is ridiculous. Bush will come on economy.

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‘Religulous’ and the expected Spanish Inquisition

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If you had asked me to write down 3 main criticism’s of Bill Maher’s movie, Religulous,  that would be  brought  up in negative reviews    number one on my list would be

“Well you’re atheism is  just a religion  anyway ” 

I get that one often. The need to drag people to their level    is one of the ideas that Bill O Reilly  espouses , you can’t justify bad action by pointing out another’s bad  to make your point . I didn’t say  O’ Reilly manages to walk that walk but  it’s an ideal, kinda like the Christ myth on which the followers of both = Major Fail.  Most negative reviews  reference this sentiment and here’s an example From Glen Whipp at which neatly encapsulates the form of dementia.

“…thought is absent in “Religulous,” as is imagination. The movie is Maher’s monument to Maher, as ugly and hateful as anything he decries in the film.

Yep  Bill Maher is the equivalent of crusaders,  suicide bombers and those that rape children.  Sounds like a psychotic* idea. A movie about ideas, EVEN , if you believe it to be a bad movie is not as hateful  as the wanton destruction of sentient beings by blowing up families in a market because  you’re invisible friend tells you too? 

I call bullshit because this guy is  as deserving of the phrase “and then there’s this asshole”  as anyone claiming to be a critic.

Movies Maher ridiculous in ‘Religulous’


*the term is also used in a more general sense to refer to mental disorders in which mental functioning is sufficiently impaired as to interfere grossly with the patients capacity to meet the ordinary demands of life.

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