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A new entry to my cynics dictionary. locavore

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Locavore:  food so expensive that you can’t afford private transportation.

pwned or not? Streaming music , and getting your music from a cloud

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Why Spotify may spell the end of ownership – Times Online
I’m up for a good tech utopia as much as the next person but here’s the main stream media take on a new music site that’s  the  next-celestial-jukeboxOne of the older ones,,  have started to charge a free outwith the UK, USA and Germany and boy did their “fans”  come off like entitled children. 
Three euros a month beats any satellite or TV subscription I’ve ever had. Seriously the EU crowd are such whining  bitches to the point were they will use terms such as “racist”  to describe a business choice that’s almost guaranteed to be externally enforced.  
Case in point. You’re not making money from us so we’ll leave and not pay you money!  I think Sun Tzu missed out that chapter on how to win battles by issuing illogical threats.
Here’s a far more detailed take […]

Finally an answer to what bears do in the woods. They use their Iphone of course

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A few weeks back I showed people a site which aims to find you a nearby public restroom, a clean public restroom.  Seemingly I work with people that have impeccable bowel movements scheduled to   clockwork precision because it questioned as to it’s overall usefullness.  I have a toddler and a love of foodtypes that promotes the 100yd clenched run  ( no hurdles)  so have found these both quite useful. I’m not the only one to see the value though.

Turns out the Charmin bears use the in built GPS and Google maps to find a comfy place to crap in the forest.Charmin have sponsored talk about targeted advertising 
Charmin sponsors iPhone toilet finder app – FierceMobileContent

How stupid are the media? Let’s take a look at unquestioning coverage of the Brady center’s logic free assertions.

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I am puzzled. I’ve been tearing apart, on a local newspaper forum, the lie that you are more likely to be injured by your own gun in the house by an intruder than being able to successfully defend yourself with it. Not just a little likely but an insane ratio like 43 or more to 1. On the face of it you know their argument is 100% shit. How can it not be?

We know how many people are shot breaking into houses, we know how many of them failed to carry out the seemingly easy step of disarming the homeowner and then , and this is the part I don’t get, successfully using a gun against the hapless fool who bought the thing.

  • If it’s so hard to use why are the criminals preternaturally good at it? 
  • Where are all the dead bodies from this 43-1 ratio?
    Ok that’s a little scene setter and if you care to read up on the real stats, how the original bullshit number came into “popular culture” the info is here. It’s a lot of reading re the defensive use of firearms and the relative risk of them being used on you. I refer you to John Lott’s seminal work on the topic. 
  • And more here.… which has faults pro and con re his work.

    The myth that your own gun is more dangerous to you than not having one is on the face of it absurd but people have taken the time to refute the origin of this case. “protection or peril an analysis of firearm-related deaths in the home” where the original 43 times more likely figure the VPC uses. Its’ not an easy thing to sum up in a paragraph other than htt:// has material from the original study author, Kellermann, that acknowledges errors in his initial work.
    Later work suggests that it’s a 65-2 ratio… in favour of the armed:. Seem believable? The daily info is out there, story after story of self defense use

    Let’s get back to today’s bullshit from the Brady bunch.

    “Mexican criminals, and traffickers who supply them, cannot get the guns they need in Mexico because of Mexico’s strong gun laws,” Brady Center President Paul Helmke said in a news conference. But in border states Texas and Arizona, he argued, weaker gun laws provide easy access to a significant supply of high-powered arms.

    Spot the logical error? Because it’s illegal to get guns in Mexico ,you know their strong gun laws that prevent them getting gun, they get them in the USA to bring back to Mexico where those amazingly strong rules appear to have headed out for a siesta. 

    (BTW it’s illegal for a non resident of the border states to buy them without transferring them to an FFL) Since when did a fucking drug cartel get all civic minded and sentimental about paperwork?

    Also what’s this bullshit re “high powered arms” relative to what? It’s emotive , unchecked, tripe and irrelevant without context much like the organization that spawned it. Yep all that research and I end up on an ad hominem attack.

    Thunderbird 2 , the Eagle from Space 1999 and what they have in common with my dream pda / phone / recorder/ light dimmer and toddler amuser.

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    How many all in one devices do you own that really fulfill their multi function role adequately? I’m guessing it’s less than 1. Likewise the iPhone as a recorder, camera and mobile office are a pretty poor substitute for dedicated solutions to each task.
    We’ve reduced picture taking to the Polaroid level again with cell phone cameras. Taken video back to Super 8 and sound recording to the cassette deck all for convenience and for what? All to capture that which wasn’t deemed worth capturing when you had to bring along a brick.
    Yep it’s never been easier to make jerky, pixelated videos with sound quality to match and we’ve called this ability progress and have built entire empires around it.
    Note nearly anything remotely good isn’t shot on a hand held with no post and just tossed up on You Tube so by all means cite successful shows but I am […]

    Shazam at the good old hockey game while performing as a cellular wizard

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    We’re all wizards now.    A C Clarke’s often cited,paraphrased or mangle quote is appropriate for many of the daily tasks we take for granted.

    Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.’ 1972 A. C. Clarke Lost Worlds

    Over the last couple of weeks I’ve found that walk up magic and showing people how to get the most out of a cell phone leads to the same reaction. ( the latter is far less likely to get you  burned as a witch in some of our undeveloped  3g areas)

     Shazam is one of those apps that is cooler than a cold man’s  cold bits  during an Alaskan  Mr Ice Pants festival.   For the last  few months  I’ve been trying to find out the names of a couple of songs that are played  at the  good old hockey game. Both tracks  have no music ,  have really short hooks and one could safely classify them as being graduates from the " bleep bleep thump"  school.

    I’d sat with an iPhone in my pocket  game after game while forgetting I had the means to do so with me. Loaded the shazam app from the stadium wifi,  awaited the song to come on and set it to capture.  This is not an easy capture.  That’s a PA  with  cheering and pervasive  clapping   but Shazam was  able to determine most of the songs under these conditions.    Just load, lift and listen and it does the rest on your iPhone or Android device and you can save it for later, or buy it  now.   My god a  business model on the mobile web what a wondrous age we live in!


    That’s still not the interesting part.  Why did it take so long to put this 2+2  together?   Turns out it was an ambiguity that I could live with but my  wife always  kept asking about.. "what song’s that"   is a problem that’s harder to live with.

    Locating the good apps quickly then  finding out what is, and isn’t useful , could be a second career,  a really badly remunerated  second career.   So best make it a hobbyto find out what your friends regularly overlook  when relating to the net  and   with your  best Carnac the magnificient impression  hold the phone  to your head and proceed to  amaze.

    Why spend the time?  Most of the coolest apps  work when   you have an audience,  heck  in that  stadium of 11,000 people only  2 were logged in on the  two presence services I use. In general  I feel like a "boy and his iPod dog" wandering the  desert , Phoenix  looks pretty much looks like  distopic sci fi anyway so it’s not too hard to play along.

    Quote of the day is about a quote:)

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    Gary Vaynerchuk Can’t Help You
    He can entertain the hell out of you for 45 min to an hour though
    Gary Vaynerchuk cannot help you bring about real changes in your life. Not even if he slept on your couch and pushed you in an epic “Biggest Loser/The Apprentice” countdown. Why? Because real change starts with a recognition of deficiency and a no-holds-barred desire to improve.
    That being said  does this stir anything in you ?
    [If] you live for the weekends and vacations, your shit is broken.– Gary Vaynerchuk

    Dr Stephen’s here. Lynch adds another album of the kind of wrong that would make Boost mobile blush.

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    Singing comedian  usually a phrase that should send you running in terror. Not this guy.

    By now you will know if you want to go buy his new stuff:)

    Stephen Lynch 3 Ballons

    Version three iPhone. It’s now good enough to replace by the next one:D

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    The iPhone OS 3.0 Announcement Scorecard
    Good news. All of the native  iphone apps will work in landscape mode within version 3.0 of the software. MMS*, Copy / Paste and the ability to forward SMS are also included.  can send more than one photo at a time, quite a bit more including blue tooth stereo*.
     Release date to public Summer, yep they are that vague. iphone 3g
    *iPhone 3g only!

    Daily show’s Stewart in baby – candy altercation. Related charges of hunting fish in a barrel still pending.

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    Better Living through Software » Blog Archive » Jon Stewart is an Ass

    I’m a contrarian by nature so it comes as no shock that while I make no secret that I enjoyed the Cramer train wreck as entertainment I wasn’t a huge fan of the message that was sent.I’ve heard this message echoed back in the office that the Daily Show is about the only place to get real news. Really 🙂  Here’s a more realistic evaluation from “Better living through software”  blog.

    If it took a Jon Stewart show for you to realize that Cramer is a clown, you are not the sharpest pencil in the box, and you have no right to feel smug.

    You can see it in the comments on the original post,that people seriously believe that this is a credible venue for news/analysis. Throughout this mess no one seriously has questioned why 401k’s  exist in the first place.Talk about benefits, entitlements are a real distraction from the main issue. We were forced into 401k’s, to use professional money managers , hah! and to pay for the retirement of others or pay a penalty for arranging our own security.  Until we get back to basics on why we need an intercessionary relationship between our labor and future security it doesn’t matter who plays piggy in the middle.

    CNN continues to willingly misdefine and lie re firearms.

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    Shooter planned ‘to go out in grand style,’ investigator says –

    It’s only semantics, right? The reason I am such a pain on the classification on weapons in the media should be obvious to you. If it’s not seek help. Here’s the wiki entry for the SKS. As you can see  does not fit the definition of assault weapon, nor does the Bushmaster.

    The weapons restricted under the last assault weapon ban were not assault weapons either. Just read it. If you want to ban things least take the time to understand what you are talking about on the most basic level.

    McLendon was armed with two assault rifles — an SKS..

    State gone wild round up. As Rome burns these fiddlers just don’t know where to stop.

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    Yet more proof that legislators should not be allowed to create laws without taking a drug test.I’m not suggesting that they are high on anything more than the smell of their own farts but the resulting proposals do nothing to support that view:)

    First let’s head off to a tiny little state with big problems.

    Rhode Island proposal: Youth sports oversight, or overreach? –

    Democratic Sen. John Tassoni Jr. introduced a bill that would create a youth sports oversight council on the state level. The council would act as mediator in disputes between parents of youth athletes and sports officials.

    I can’t wait till they mandate a video playback rule for all games involving more than three people. Let’s make an assumption that most of the parents were publicly educated.  How has their education and socialization by the state led to them being incapable , least in the eyes of their masters, from resolving disputes of a pretty trivial nature?  Some would say it’s working too well should you want a relatively docile population that you relies on you for every little thing.

    Now off to a tiny minded state, at least where the legislators are concerned.

    Oklahoma state rep wanted to prevent Prof Dawkins speaking to university,

    “The God Delusion”, and public statements on the theory of evolution demonstrate an intolerance for cultural diversity and diversity of thinking and are views that are not shared and are not representative of the thinking of a majority of the citizens of Oklahoma;

    So says state rep Thomsen in

    house resolution HR1015 which replaced the foaming that the mouth version.I am glad they are interested in diversity because I can’t work out if this is pandering or stupidity.Could Kansas employ Oklahoma as their village idiot?  Would more money for education solves this level of idiocy? Maybe not Rep Thomsen is on the education sub committee. Here’s a follow up Dawkin’s appearance.

    Let’s not get ahead of ourselves there are other deserving applicants.

    Put another ban on the Barbie mate!

    “Democrat Jeff Eldridge introduced a bill in the House of Delegates on Tuesday that would ban the sale of Barbie dolls – and “other dolls that influence girls to be beautiful” – in West Virginia.”

    Yet not a ban on male dolls without genitalia that influence people to become Democrats. 

    There’s nothing new under an internet sun.

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    Today I was thinking about uses for mobile devices and service industries.  Not only did I come up with an Idea , but a name.  A really good name!
    I wasn’t the first
    Textaurant – For restaurants, for people.
    Sadly it doesn’t look like they’ve done anything with it.About 8/10 ideas I have are already being pursued , most of them badly, and I’m wonder just how much sub conscious recall is occurring.
    Regardless I wish they’d not let the idea suffer as badly as it seems to be doing at present. There are so many service industries that could make our lives better by using the devices we carry with us. Hell Dominoes can track my pizza from order, preparer, cook , oven time and then delivery   so is it so much to ask that a place we spend hundreds of bucks at , say getting a car serviced, could […]

    Bring out yer dead. Mary Roach tries to Spook us!

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    This is a fluffier book than Bonk or Stiff both grounded in a reality that’s going to be a lot harder to nail in a book about research into the afterlife.

    Amongst other things Roach takes a look at ectoplasm, EVP that’s the people that listen to noise and claim to hear things, past lives,attends a class in the UK on how to be a medium. She also looks at the science of testing “psychics” like DuBois and other cold readers that are cynical ,delusional or both ( my bias). That blunt an answer is something this book isn’t going to provide for you but it’s probably a good thing that she’s not attempting to do that.

    She’s a very entertaining writer,her footnotes amusing,and there’s real science to follow up on. I just didn’t learn as much as her prior works since it’s hard to accumulate a body of evidence for life after death when all we have is evidence of bodies.