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MSM takes another swipe at new media. Those swines!

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Seemingly the people that missed the lack of WMD’s, the mortgage, credit and soon to be commercial real estate crisis need you to think that they are still the gatekeepers of the truth.  The real story may be that gaining your health information from 140 characters  rather than one media corporation  can be just as inaccurate. Put it this way they let anti-vaxxers onto CNN prime time as well as any fad diet a bo toxed twig that acted is hawking this week.

Swine flu creates controversy on Twitter –

You would think that people that sell $4k recorders would answer their mail: Update

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Was called this morning and the part’s on it’s way. The response time from the last mail was excellent.  It’s a mystery why the same form just vanished into the ether.   Woo hoo  my power issues, at least for equipment , are nearly solved

You would think that people that sell $4k recorders would answer their mail

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Three mails in a month to the US distributor of Fostex via their online support form have led to zero response.  No obvious phone number. Oddly the UK distributor has the item and a phone number.

Welcome to Fostex USA

You’re welcome to it.Looks like the Sound Devices line will be getting serious consideration when the time comes to upgrade.  

I’m sure that I’m about to use irony correctly. Fred Pryor infomercial, er seminars.

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How to Communicate with Tact & Professionalism —

I’ve been in a training seminar two days this weeks with the below goal in mind.

“Become a polished, persuasive communicator and express your thoughts and ideas with clarity and diplomacy”

The diplomacy part likely occurred during my single restroom break,three minutes long, on the second day.

While I’ll address the material covered by the class in a future post I have concerns with the intrusiveness of marketing within the curriculum.

Anyone that’s read Professor Cialdini’s book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion (Collins Business Essentials),or Rushkoff’s Coercion may have been amused, as I was, that a seminar designed to teach you more effective methods of persuasive communication seemed to be using similar techniques to sell future conferences, audiobooks and training subscriptions.

I have no problem with selling during the breaks, displays within the room ,fliers in the course material. What I’d like is for them to restrict this solely to those areas.  In what  could be considered a mildly coercive environment the ethics of  this practice are questionable. Cheaper dictionaries refer to coercion only in terms of physical force and I can see my usage of this term being confusing in that light.I’m referring to an environment that is engineered to trigger as many of the six principles of influence within the first few hours.

  • Social proof.(people come forward to buy in breaks)
  • Scarcity.  (have to order by end of seminar)
  • Authority (The obvious one:)
  • liking. (Dr was likable, really good at what he does)
  • Commitment and consistency ( writing in the prices, and additions to the advert in the same format the rest of the class takes)
  • Reciprocation(Starts out with hey, schedule runs to 1630 but can get you out by 1600, next day 1530) To many that’s doing them a favor)

I can live with all the above, I may even be misinterpreting the above weapons of persuasion. Twenty minutes were taken up with Evelyn Wood’s speed reading course,and many other products,in the time preceding lunch on day one which to me seemed rather inconsistent with the stated goals. 

Looks like I’m not the only one with this concern.

  I seriously recommend both books to anyone that engages in commerce , eg every adult, in the USA.


Was I yelping or just going ouch? Change of lifestyle notification.

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A phrase my father uses, a lot, in connection with me is “you’d start a row in an empty house”. Lately it seems that I require slightly more people, tables ,drink and a kitchen but ,alas, the propensity to argue is still there.  I prefer  not to complain at the point of service ,unless it’s something that could be easily rectified at the time, because it really bugs the wife.  Either I don’t go far enough ,or  more likely I am not exactly pleasant when I start complaining. Try serving my kid shitty food you will get shitty attitude. Once an eatery gets comfortable with being able to send out undercooked, salty,incorrect or hazardous food it’s too late to take it up with the onsite management that  allow these things to happen.

Here are two of our most recent outings

Lone Star Steak house visit 

The Yard house visit ( I gave away the gift cert)

I don’t enjoy paying for this feeling but it’s nowhere near as the frustration that comes from “ we’re sorry you didn’t like”  or “we’re sorry you feel that way”   there’s rarely anyone that is sorry that we served you fuzzy food. No harm, no foul.  Just our time, our moods and good will.You know nothing of value.

The change

  • No more chain meals when we’re in the home town. Breakfast is exempt.
  • Buying a new table for the kitchen and a couple of items to make food production easier.
  • Using the money saved to eat at better locations less frequently.

A parable from the Principia Discordia follows after the cut that could explain how we let ourselves fall into traps like this.

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57 Varieties of stupidity. How one county in California spends some of “their” tax money.

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Rather then write about the “Tea parties” I thought it would be nice to illustrate April 15th,the day that most people have to file their taxes, with an example on how the money is used. A jury trial for person accused of wandering off with half a bottle of ketchup from a university.

So while Deputy District Attorney Lynda Fernandez asked jurors to
“focus on the conduct of the defendant rather than the value of the
item,” public defender Erica Gambale simply jingled two quarters and a
dime in her palm.

“This is it, ladies and gentlemen, this is it: 60 cents,” she told jurors. “At best, half that ketchup was left.”

As is the case in most of these stories the protagonist isn’t in the angel category but let’s get a little proportion here. I can’t get the cops in Phoenix to come out re having my car windows shot out which is WAY in excess of $0.60 in damages yet somehow this farce plods onward. An attorney friend of mine has often argued that making the police prove everything benefits the cause of freedom.Ensuring that anything called a drug is a drug is worthwhile because it takes money away from a system that clearly has too much of it due to the asinine, and over reaching, nature of it’s prosecution.

Calif. politician charged in stolen ketchup case

April and Changing minds.

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It’s been rather quiet around here lately. I admit that my formal ahderence to grammar has been quixotic, at best, my attempts to rectifying this situation  results in posts that sound like material I want to read. Maybe that’s why so many people vlog?

The differences between UK and US grammar are apparently slight enough to not catch the same break that people learning English as a second language are allowed.I’m realistic enough to know that  it will have a nominal effect on the reason that I began which neatly segues into my next point.

Is anyone still naive enough to believe that the powers that be just need a well crafted note pointing out were they are deficient and how they are hurting people will change their way?  Hardly.  In short they are not your audience.

Unfortunately that leaves the public.

Oh wait Is anyone still naive enough to believe that the public  just need a well crafted sitcom showing  were they are deficient and how they are hurting people  by refusing to take ownership of their lives?   Hardly.

In short they are not your audience.

Much easier to remain quiet.