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Will Anyone But Marketers Read It? thoughts on “Web 3.0”

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MY god it’s full of  douchebags! </Dave>   Social marketing types anyway. That’s the fate the below entry from the Readwriteweb blog posits as being the likely result of our aggregate life-stream data.
Web 3.0 Might Be Really Stupid
The patterns of activity in that data offer a unique opportunity to learn about ourselves – individually, in groups and as a society. Unfortunately, that opportunity may not be taken advantage of. A better title of this post might be If Web 3.0 Is Poetry, Will Anyone But Marketers Read It?
Oh we’ll be taken advantage of , as much as we allow anyway, for the chance to stick yet another piece of bling on our profile.Yet the “good” use of this aggregation as a kind of  silicon mirror of introspection poses larger questions.
I want software that will tell me: “On Wednesdays you tend to post
messages a lot in the morning, despite the […]

Tweetards my ongoing attempt to make a recursive name to spotlight the act of social media douchebaggery.

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Retweeting – the
Douchebags – of
Social media

At a loss why they can’t replicate decade old satellite technology ? GPS could get flaky

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The title may be a little too strident.E.G.,close is 2010 until you realize just how long these jokers have taken to produce a copy of decades old tech.The Internet and GPS could possibly be too important to leave to the State?
At one time Europe was asked to back off making a GPS replacement for civilian use due to the USA’s need to be all snug and cozy even going as far as to say that they’d  down the birds if a hostile power was trying to use it. Europe went ahead with  Galileo and should be fully operational  in 2013. Russia and China have their own systems, GlONASS and COMPASS respectively, so it’s not like the world would end if the US one ceased being useful. I bet that just pisses a lot of people off.  
Most stories appear to neglect that there’s more than one solution available.. and […]

Time to re-write the last couple of lines of the US national anthem ( verse 1)

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Search me? A funny recommendation ocurred on the way through the forums.

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I probably only learned one interesting thing at the Phoenix Social media club , before my distaste for the balance of people wanting to sell you on things outweighed those that don’t want to be sold too. I.E., those on my side of the fence.
That interesting thing was a statement as to the fragility of Google’s hegemony and the likely source of their decline.It’s not an other search engine but more a negation of the need to have a search site as a destination but we’d be utilizing the search features within our forums and online-communities.  While he did not single out Google specifically the bold phrase “search is dead” certainly didn’t sit well with the SEO crowd.  
What if I decide to follow someone on twitter or facebook who is a guru on the types of cars Im interested in buying ? Could I not just query them […]

De Ja vu.It’s going to be the future soon.. just not mine:)

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Let’s just say that it’s nice seeing ideas come to fruition.Less so when it’s a third party.  Mid Hockey season I submitted this idea which gained as much traction as the Coyotes. On the bright side I do get to use it for free and see if it really was that good an idea.
iPhone users to walk and read at same time • The Register
iPhone users can now walk the streets safe in the knowledge that upcoming letter boxes, errant children or dogshit can be easily avoided, without interrupting the more important act of reading email.

Me Me MEme it’s all about me! That’s maybe what the social engineers want you to think.

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The porn-star name meme cometh.

That people like to help people and will give out all kinds of information that they shouldn’t is fairly well established. What’s not so well established, at least by the common usage of marketing and SMD types is the term “viral meme” which has been denigrated to include just about any tell a friend promotion or user generated content that’s been slapped together.

For once the term viral meme may be appropriate in the case of the porn star name meme that’s going the rounds on Twitter.

Security Alert: Twitter Porn Names Scam – PC World

It could be simple human error, but it’s also possible that this security hole is an example of truly sneaky social engineering.

In short people are being asked to provide  biographical data such as the name of the street they grew up on,your mother’s maiden name, place of birth or your favorite pet for the grand payoff of concatenating your porn star name for you to post proudly to Twitter, Facebook and anywhere else you think this ephemera will soon be forgotten. Except that it wont be.

A virus, ( let’s leave Mimi out of this for now) can’t reproduce itself and to survive it transmits it’s message  using the resources of the host cell or in this case the message that wraps it up.   Seriously would you just send that out onto the web if you had no payoff? 

Memes are ideas, concepts, beliefs and thoughts that are transmitted verbally or by repeated action and can move through a ‘culture’ in a manner similar to a virus.

Do you see why most items masquerading as “viral marketing” are bullshit?  You know what the marketer wants and are often better able to identify it than they are:) That’s not viral it’s an ugly bug that needs to be squashed once and for all.

Paging DR Moron: Maybe some people use both sides of their brain?

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I didn’t need to get far into this article before I was annoyed enough to toss up a little blog spitball. The idea that programming is not a creative art and can be tossed at any person is far from reality, at least it is were I work.
The implied insult to Asia re being good for that kind of work further ruffled my fur.So much for the advancement of the human race it appears you have to be in the USA to really be the kind of wacky right brained story teller to get the big picture.
Then again this article from the same woman that gave a platform to anti-science nit wits like Jenny McCarthy which is about as far right brained as it gets. An appeal to get away from engineering and rational thought is probably not the best message to be spreading around but hey she’s […]

Dobh takes on the antiques roadshow

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Dobh takes on the antiques roadshow

Dobh takes on the antiques roadshow,
originally uploaded by haltse.

The adorable and sweet child takes time out to avoid being photographed by posing. Weirdest thing.

Another tired Wired post trying to Kindle some interest but generating little in the way of heat or light.

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Now this is speculative “journalism”.
If Amazon announce a device, a large scale e-reader this would be defeated in the marketplace by Apple should they create a larger iPhone.  
I’m not sure that’s the case. Without some significant weight loss I wouldn’t like to have a device x3  the size of an iPhone hit me in the face if I feel asleep reading. The heat generated from illuminating that large a screen could be interesting too.  With Kindle if I leave the USA  it’s  pretty useless, heck move to Montana and it’s useless which is not the kind of behavior one wants from their reading material. This is one early adoption I think I’ll pass on.  
Large-Screen Kindle Won’t Mean Squat if Apple Tablet Arrives | GadgetLab

A close Call with some Dick Cheese.A two concert weekend.

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We saw Marian Call on Saturday night perform a full set. The show was to benefit Wild horse Ranch Rescue in Gilbert. For once it’s a charity I can get behind as you can see the work they do, and the effects of it  in person, or horse if you want to be picky.

For the entrance charge of $20 we got a ceramic bowl, filled with our choice of chili or minestrone , a Marian Call CD and the concert itself. This is what’s known as a bargain.

I would like to be the first to say that objectivity is hard for me with regards to talented women with red hair. ( Don’t worry Tori you’re safe I just expanded the category to living in USA, not living in USA)

Hearing “100 easy ways to lose a man” live was an unexpected treat as it’s probably the best use of her voice when not singing her own work.

I rather cheekily , I hope not dickishly, suggested about her new song “Karaoke” that “Jonathan Coulton called and would like the song back” but it’s really good  and had the kind of comedic build up that I love within some of his songs. A duet would rock because I think the voices would mix really well  without someone needing to  fit paul and storm with tighter underwear:)

The new road song was really good and I am totally spacing on the name of the guitarist that accompanies her but damn he’s good.  This was an awesome evening that even I’m not going to take the time to poke fun at the more surreal aspects of the evening at least tonight;)

The Cheeseman he cometh

Creddy and myself are big fans of the work of Mark Jonathan Davis  and his best known creation Richard Cheese  “Tomorrow’s standards today”  While I’m not a fan of the venue or the way the VIP tickets were handled it was like every other Cheese show we’ve been to. Musically awesome ( I could watch “Bobby Ricotta” goof around all night) with the real show being the audience participation between a set we’ve seen 2.5 times prior.

Guess what when he comes back later in the year we’ll be there too.

Given the star wars geekery from  his other works and the pseudonymous singer I’m still surprised that the audience has yet to be invited out for milk and wookies.

An idea : Would the correct term for an older cougar be sabre-toothed tiger?