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As much as I hate DRM, Disney’s found a way to make it SUCK More. Pay them more, and you still can’t watch the fucking movie.

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It’s amazing that the genius of Pixar’s use of technology can by waylaid by such a dogmatic adherence to treating their customers as pirates via by way of Disney’s distribution .I’m referring to the digital copies,that we pay extra for, not  coming with the requisite codes to enable us to use them. From what I’ve read online we have to prov that we bought the disk,mess around with the mail , yes the real mail with stamps and white van, and wait for them to decide if we’re believable or not before graciously allowing us to use that which we paid for.

We’ve bought every Pixar movie on release date, seen every movie on release date and have spent an embarrassing amount of money on Cars , and other movie, memorabilia for our son. This  bullshit has sufficiently damaged my view of things Disney to the point that Kennedy Space Center rather than Disneyworld is looking like the preferred destination for our son’s 4th birthday.

Irony?  They think we’re thieves yet we paid for an item that’s not present and in a sane world circumstances wouldn’t the company responsible for the error apologize for the oversight rather than make the public jump through a pile of hoops? Customer Discussions: Wall-e missing digital copy code!!!

I heartily endorse #3 ,and the rest,but are the audience doing their part?

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Zadi Diaz,new media producer and more erudite than most at explaining what she does,posted several interesting theses, little short of Cluetrain’s 95,but not a million miles away in spirit when dealing with those that buy eyeballs for people that appear to still be conducting business from back in the 1960’s.

Zadi Diaz – Home – Advertising is FAIL. Communication is WIN.

3. STOP calling people consumers!
People are not mindless drones waiting to consume. We are all people hoping to
connect and you are hopefully facilitators of conversation. As soon as
we change the language we will change the action.

I’m wondering if we are missing out on a large part of the problem here,and that’s with those “consumers” Oh hell I’m being contradictory
but if you can give me a few seconds to work out my confusion I’m sure it’s all going to be OK in the end.

There clearly are consumers, though not self-identifying and maybe it’s better to remove this learned behavior at the source? Would it not be more useful inoculating those on the receiving end of the advertiser’s missives, at least giving a framework for understanding what’s going on would be a start?

Take iPhone3Gs and Video as an example. Youtube saw a huge increase in videos that were posted. Does this strike anyone as creatives all having a new tool or the marketed-to masses waiting to be told that video online is indeed cool and they have Apple’s permission? What was stopping them before? 

In other words are people using what’s fed to them?

Yes it’s an issue complicated by data plans and that most decent phones for video,aren’t subsidized but it’s not been hard to avail yourself of expression via video in the last two years but even that didn’t appear to be easy enough. Seriously most of the article makes very good points for trying to sell to those whose lives are interwoven with the net, but as long as there’s more and more people from the old-school getting on line I fear we’re stuck with this until it’s no  longer a viable audience to talk at rather than talk with.

Weasels in suits. Pathetic business weanies can’t compete so bring along their friends.

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Gavin Patterson, believes the need for his company to make money from the efforts of another company entitles him to use the police powers of the state so that he can resale television? This is about as immoral as it gets. The mafia at least have the decency to solve their own issues

Sky TV built the market for satellite TV in the UK, ass punched the woefully lacking BSB and merged with them. Then they made a mistake, getting big. See the UK spirit isn’t that of Dunkirk and stoicism under pressure  any more than the majority of the US is of freedom loving  don’t tread on me types.  It’s wanting other people to give you things for free and acting like a mob the moment it doesn’t go your way.

BBC NEWS | Business | Sky may have to share TV channels

The proposal to force Sky to wholesale its content is welcome, but we now need Ofcom to step up the pace and to enforce this rigorously,” said Gavin Patterson, chief executive of BT Retail.

Where the wind blows. An EU “competition weenie” speaks anonymously of course

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I really need to get my browser to display  “anonymous coward” whenever it quotes  those paid by a state,with public funds,that wont use their real name while they go about their day protecting their investment, er consumers especially when they spout crap like this.

“The essential point of our case is consumer choice,” said the spokesman. “


I never had an issue changing the browser, adding different grips to a gun, upgrading the lighting on my vehicle etc. There is no choice in which nanny superstate you live in, other thanby  leaving  which I didn’t find that hard to though it was a lot harder than swapping IE for Opera.

I wish MS had gone further and just told Europe to sit on a  Mac/ Penguin or come up with it’s own OS?   You can’t win a war of appeasement with anyone that sets themselves up as a monopoly on competitive practices.The one part of mercantilism via corporation that annoys me is their acquiesence rather than withdrawal from hostile markets.

It’s the old joke

Why is there only one Monopolies Commission?

BBC NEWS | Technology | Windows 7 pricing gets unveiled

A Commission spokesman dismissed Microsoft’s claim that it was taking the action to comply with European laws.

Apparently there’s no heard-immunity for communication skills.

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Over the past months I have made fewer posts than usual.There are several reasons for this but mostly it’s been negative reinforcement that anything that I write only gathers negative comments based on the formatting,length and typos rather than on the merits of the ideas contained within.
Via Robert Anton Wilson’s creations “Hagbard Celine” I believe truth often comes from fictional sources, cartoons and even cereal packets,is the belief that communication is only possible between equals and is contained within the explanation of  his second law
  "Accurate communication is only possible in a non-punishing situation."

How many situations like that arise? 
That may explain the planet a  little better but it’s not helping me.  The question that I would like to have answered is this.At which point do I benefit from everyone else’s communication skills? E.G.; it seems like addressing the correct audience is a one-way-street.
In other words I […]

Rushkoff’s take on the eating the Apple from the Jobs tree of consumer knowledge.

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Douglas Rushkoff takes a look at how training consumers doesn’t always work out the way you planned.
Apple’s Army of Whiners – Page 1 – The Daily Beast
No it’s not just for the title ,which I like, it’s an interesting reflection on many of the “old” Apple sticker-ed cars of activists I see that excoriate corporations but can’t seem to apply it to those that make their pc. It’s double-think different with those infinitely loopy types

In the US victimless crimes have a victim. Federal court fails Amendment 1 comprehension test.

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No sex-talk please we’re American.

Since it’s unlikely any of your mails stay within the same state the Fed Gov , aka TSOG ,as Robert Anton Wilson called them, have a nice new stick with which to beat you. Please don’t get sexually aroused at the thought of being beaten otherwise you’ll make felons of both of us. The idea that a crime “committed” against imaginary people, be they adult,child or a kitten that solves sudoko puzzles, is a crime is retarded.   Sex thought crime is on the rise here. You can be a child pornographer by taking a self portrait of your 17 year old self.  Children are no longer children. A child can be a drawing, story or they can be real people that appear to be younger than they are. None of the former can be cross examined in court as to the nature of their damage. The latter is a good thing for the prosecution as the answer is NONE because there’s no victim, ergo no crime. 

This should get appealed into oblivion but in the meantime I’d start worrying in case it doesn’t.  Encryption may be your best friend.

Circuit court: Emailing sexual fantasies to consenting adults a crime – Don’t Tase Me, Bro!

Sharing an obscene sexual fantasy over e-mail is a federal crime that enjoys no protection under the First Amendment, a federal appeals court said Monday, in a decision that drew sharp dissent from one judge and potentially set the stage for a Supreme Court appeal.

Pretty new things

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Trying out a new theme. Apart from a double gravatar in the comment section all “seems” well.

Please let me know if you see anything weird!

We’re from the government we’re here to install Windows:)

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Why would this make depressing reading for some? For some reason the left leaning always assume a person that doesn’t use,own or even have a desire to do either. Health care is another such ‘must-have’  regardless of the wishes of those that have it thrust upon them.
Being online is not a requirement for a happy life and the thought of millions of new,uncared for computers dropping hazardous waste in terms of viruses,trojans and other mal-ware onto the net just fills me with joy. 
The internet doesn’t have to look like a computer and if the idea of getting people online is so that they are more efficient citizens, wait a minute aren’t we meant to be in charge of those expense-forging vermin? It would make sense to approach the issue by either using some kind of inbuilt device to a phone or TV either that or cheaper to wait for […]

Oh another video camera with audio as an afterthought.

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You can read all about the new iPhone 3gs on other fine sites such as MobileCrunch. New phone, same old network.  I love the iPhone but  it’s a co-dependent relationship that I’m ready to move on from.
The big news?  While some have touted the ability to buy or rent movies over the air this is hardly worth noting.Oh ok note away.  Using an iPhone to watch movies designed for the large screen is something I just can’t do. Hell I believe we should divide up society by those that buy  pan and scanned ( e.g., full-screen) movies and the rest of us.  
Video creation is by far the most interesting addition,that and a the removal of the POS lens / imager they’ve had the balls to call a camera in the current incarnation.  iPhone is the most popular source of images on Flickr and it’s likely that we’re likely […]

You Tube XL. eXtremely Laughable. Pay no attention to the pixelated man, with out of sync sound , on the screen

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You Tube XL,  the merging of the living room set with the  Oh wait, that’s  not at all what it is. It’s a skin that looks pretty when shown on a large screen.  Yes it shows You Tube content on a large screen, like having a really big monitor.  
Shame the compressed video and even worse audio depredations on most of the content make this a non starter.  Small crap x screen size = larger crap.
The digital TV transition has been “traumatic” enough for people but I’d like to see it go further.There’s a lot of spectrum going to waste,off hours, 24-7 on religious channels,  and I am wondering why we can’t use that as a channel to record our programs in advance for later watching. Yep it’s Tivo but not as we know it.Seems odd to limit the transmission to real time recording for most content that really […]