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QOTD regarding the wealth transfer to local car dealers.

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Like nearly every Gov scheme,that’s what we call them in UK English but scam may be a more fitting term for my adopted country, those that already behave sensibly have to subsidize those adults stupid enough to buy too much car or house.

I would love to spend more time with my kid, work less and hell yes I would like to have a larger house and faster car. I don’t. I bought a sane car that gets 30+mpg,  oh wait have 2 cars that get 30mpg. An affordable ( under 1/2 the loan I could have gotten) house whose valuation had been hit,hard. Sadly we earn to0 much to get a reduction on the loan. Earn too much for EVERY frigging thing we’re asked to fund for people that claim through no fault of their own that they couldn’t possibly save or live in a smaller place   or  drive a vehicle with sub 20″ rims.

There is a rational argument for one of us to quit working, and the other to take a job with 50% of the wages because it’s as near as dammit to breaking even.  Hell I should just quit altogether judging by the liberating feeling one has from  being out of work.From Newsweek

This theory has played in showrooms, where consumers like Ellen Ribitzki of Ringwood, N.J., recently traded in her General Motors sport utility vehicle for a Santa Fe Hyundai. Though she and her husband are currently unemployed, she called the deal too good to pass up. “We do a lot of traveling and that engine light kept flashing on and off,” she says about her old SUV. “It was a good incentive.”


Disney update: Wall-e code secured

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Came back to a code for Wall-e in my inbox. Thankfully the plane we flew on has video on demand in the back of the seats leading to a fairly quiet kid trip ( barring the waiting around in lounges) 


I still think that Disney should  let us make copies that doesn’t rely on a separate item being within the package or better yet, just forget about the codes. It’s way easier for anyone to get the illegal version to their player than begging permission. Sad but unavoidably true.

Bits from my recent trip to Scotland

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Cash or Credit.

Since I left it appears that most debit / credit transactions occur with a chip embedded in the card. This means that the US cards don’t work unless the operator is smart enough to swipe it. Even when told to we had a huge failure rate with various store staff looking bewildered and more than one calling their supervisor. This is a colossal pain in the ass and I usually used cash whenever possible ( Saves on the stupid conversion rates too, seriously banks you should be dead, act like it. )



If you need to do grocery shopping there are many  “”bag free”  towns, sadly that doesn’t apply to the women;), and you have to purchase each bag. That’s fair enough except some people take it as an affront that you haven’t had the foresight to know just when you would be going shopping and how many you would need.  The religion of environmentalism allows the masses to spot the sinners and then stone them with glances.


Service, is lame. Slow, and I don’t mean respectfully slow. The drinks always go dry, the check isn’t often an automatic consequence of


These people have soda coolers, sorry they appearance of soda coolers as they chill the contents to about 3 degrees below the ambient room temperature.


This is weird but in a prior post I identified Ikea’s customers as being the rudest, least respectful of children and  possessing abominable car parking manners. E.G, When they have any event on to get a free breakfast,cheap pan or the like it’s knock the kid out the way time.( that’s why they wont let you carry guns I bet;) )

Ikea in Scotland. Same fucking behavior what in the name of flat-packed hell is going on here?  Interestingly they have vodka for sale and I was able to have a pear cider with my tray meal.

More in a bit.

Scottish beauty contest

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Scottish beauty contest

Scottish beauty contest,
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Ok when was the last time you had an attraction based on the domesticated sheep breeds? Anyone?

Taken at the Scottish Game Fair held at Scone. July 2009.

The Forth and the Fourth.

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I’ve not been blogging much while on vacation.The 4th is,apart from companies that want to trade of the ideals of America, much like the currenty incumbent of the Whitehouse while not actually engaging them.Trying to get a US customer service experience while eating is so far from the norm that I will just have to get used to it.I have to eat after all.

The UK has exceeded the US for nanny-state BS in a way that seemed to be decades off in the USA.I’m sure we’re into years,or even months,at this stage.Here’s some progression 

More in a bit. When we actually go out and do things.


Around 0430. View from the window

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Around 0430. View from the window

Around 0430. View from the window,
originally uploaded by haltse.

Does this explain where my messiness comes from?