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Making sure my Meta weblog api is happy with the service. 

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NFW Autopilot. By George it’s a great watch.

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watch pillowI’ve always had a hankering for materials related to aircraft. Our family has an airfield and oddly enough,apart from the undercarriage at the door were most of you would have a old tractor, wagon wheel or similarly atavistic piece harking back to a different time, there’s little in the way of flight memorabilia.  Sounds like a poorly constructed segue-way but it’s not one I shall waste.

One readily accessed bromide is that of customer service being better in the olden days. That is was more personal  and alas those days are gone due to the pace of modern life and no one having the time

To which I say bollocks! That’s bollocks to my continual attempts to reference time while I’m really looking to show off the new timepiece and the excellent service I received from the company that sold it to me NFW Watches.

First let’s get started on how I came to know about their existence.

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Sanyo HD100. A curious camcorder because it takes a dump on an entire line.

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SANYO :: Digital Cameras :: VPC-HD100 High-Definition Camcorder

When I was in need of a quick pocket camera to go on vacation I stumbled on this at Walmart,the camera seems to be exclusive to them, for a considerable sum under the usual selling price.  A few days before I bought a cheap point and shoot Panasonic which also has a video function.

No matter how much I read about the acceptable nature of crappy sound and video online the garbage coming out of my sanyo hd100r  would seem to be taking the piss.  Why even make such a lo-end piece of crap  at the risk of poisoning your brand?  ( Thankfully I paid nowhere near the msrp but it’s not hard to see why.. ) 

It’s autofocus hunts for faces like Cheney and then pulls the trigger at the incorrect time. It’s hideous at capturing indoors without a spare nightsun(the lights you get on the bottom of helicopters) and it’s not so hot with movement during daylight.  It’s garbage.  The panasonic tz5 on the other hand does 720, it’s HD, can focus ,and works in lower light and it’s a  point and shoot camera that does video. The Sanyo is a video camera that can do stills, er no it can’t since they too suck.
Why even compete at the crappy end? There’s nothing here that makes me want to try a better Sanyo, all they’ve done is out crapped the market at a higher price than Aiptek.

Another reason why I have issues paying taxes. It pays for employees of this calibre.

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The conclusion of Medical Examiner Mark Fischione is that the cause of death was due to “complications of hyperthermia due to environmental heat exposure.” The manner of death is ruled an “accident.”

No one could forsee that forced exposure to the AZ sun would result in any health issues. You would spend longer in jail for forgetting a dog in your car should our “protectors” happen upon it. Ha you actually thought there was anyone here to be held accountable , nope  it’s the usual accident. How can a willful institutional decision,without which you can’t explain the existence of the holding area  under their complete control, be an accident?

For the state to even call this an accidental death is repugnant.Yep we have a defacto death penalty for victimless crimes and a pathetic write up in the state’s paper-of-record.  Thankfully one group of investigative reporter from the near MSM model still takes the time. Phoenix New Times 

Coroner’s report confirms heat death of Perryville prisoner