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Element Follow up

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We’re pretty much up shit creek with the Element. The insurance co had no real interest in pursuing our claim and have labelled it 100% our fault. They can 100% get bent and I will not be renewing with them after two crappy experiences with Allstate.House insurance was good but the Auto section were perfunctory didn’t remotely give the idea that we’re not considered to blame and while I don’t mind them thinking it, try not to let us know, k?

So we have a report from the codes saying the AVS / ABS failed to connect but they said it was post crash, we say bs it’s pre , and the cause. All I think we can do is wait for more people to suffer this and then join in the bashing.

As I have said this was the second Honda certified car we had that wasn’t deserving of the title. Honda were ZERO help. They really don’t care about how the owner views them and that’s the last car from them , the last motorbike from them and the last product that contains one of their engines. So they don’t care they know they lost a customer already so why invest in keeping us happy ?

My New blog. A Time to Win me.

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Do you like to watch? Er I mean a watch?

I’m on a mission to make wrists more interesting by aggregating  watch contests and giveaways.  E.G., the prize is either a watch, a watch related accessory or is being given away by a Watch brand.

Here you go 

If you could be so kind as to Like our Facebook  page, follow our tweets and best of all enter the contests.

Does a post with biscuits show up

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Element update. stuck in the middle with you. Catch 22 , if the honda has a recall we can look, if it doesn’t it can’t be faulty ( Allstate’s logic)

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Exhaust remidies for time-being with Honda cust care.   They say that they won’t comment on it, send a person to look or in general car unless the insurance company  claims the part is defective.  The dealer, Arrowhead Honda thinks the same which leaves me in the “good hands” of Allstate.

Allstate so far have proven to be useless. E.G they say that with0ut a recall on 09 there’s no reported brake issues.  Despite the fact I am a paying customer of theirs for years   we’re not, apparently, capable of reporting a dead braking system without warning.  Ergo they won’t investigate which was the case of our last phone call.

We’ve lost a lot of money , or will via the deductibe and increased rates, the car is now a salvage,  the car will lose money when we sell it. We have  failed to get anything remotely like the peace-of-mind that buying a low-milage certified vehicle.