Sea Otter in slough. Flickr otter for the win

Posted In General by Haltse Wednesday December 17, 2008
Sea Otter

Sea Otter,
originally uploaded by Eliya.

One of my new favorite otter shots. The camera is a modest one, the lens ? Less so. This was taken near where I used to live and yet again I really miss the geography, hate the politics.

Anyway enjoy this, and all his other otters.

3 responses to “Sea Otter in slough. Flickr otter for the win”

  1. kyoto tigNo Gravatar says:

    awww how precious! ^.^

  2. EliyaNo Gravatar says:

    Glad you liked the photo. The immodest lens in question was a rental 🙂

  3. HaltseNo Gravatar says:

    Ah my lens envy was showing 🙂 Was money well spent by the looks of it though.

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