Britain shrugs. Damn how I loathe my ex countrymen. Squeeze the rich till they squeak is back in vogue.

Posted In General,political,state gone wild,You have nothing to fear by Haltse Sunday January 4, 2009

During my early life in the UK  the tax rate  for individuals  earning over  20k was 83% and if the money came from  investments or dividends another 15% was added onto it  meaning  for ever 100 you earned you could keep 2.

It’s at this point I disagree with Mark Cuban and his insistence that  taxation  has minimal to no effect on those starting a business  which may hold true for a 5 – 10%  swing in either direction but at 83% I seriously doubt it.  Several , small, very small, ventures that Creddy and I considered  were impractical to enact because the local  town, county and state permits  made it prohibitively expensive  relating to the expected return. E.g you have spare herbs from a hydroponic garden  and you may make say   $1200 extra a year,  er no not legally you can’t:)    Yeah I know it’s not the big league but  come on  it’s not legal to offer surplus  from your garden.. Grr  anyway  rant off:)

Public wants taxes that hurt the rich | Politics | The Observer

“People had assumed that this group were more than competent and it must have been deserved. There is now a feeling that these people have been responsible for others losing their jobs.”

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