Ritz Camera store at Scottsdale / FLW: Some reasons you may not wish to buy from them.

Posted In Bad CS,General by Haltse Sunday January 11, 2009

Ritz Camera Center

16255 N Scottsdale Rd # C4
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
(480) 609-8650



Corp office  appears to have resolved this.  Meant to pick  up lens on Friday.

Twas the night before  Christmas and I’d left the house
I hadn’t her present, I felt like a louse,
So leaving work early , prior to falling to bits
I popped in a camera store, of the name Ritz

The model I wanted I  spied  on the shelf
I inquired of its features before reducing my wealth
“it has to have”, the salesperson said.
It better I responded or  in morning I’m dead.

Checked though the menu, the manual and staff
and  pulled out my iphone just for a laugh
found out  that this camera didn’t auto bracket.
Is the advice in this  shop ,merely a racket?

So back to the shelf the d60 went and
out came the A200 sony instead,
it had all the features  and cheap second lens,
Now sadly this isn’t where my rhyme ends.

The lens , wasn’t in stock , but that was ok
I could come back and get it  in a few days
the time came to pass and alas I was told.
you can’t have the offer  because it’s now old.

No matter had I offered to pay in advance
we’re now stuck in some weird customer service dance
Were he said and she said  drives me round the bends
when all  I want is the aforementioned lens.

So people let this be a lesson to buy in advance
Or maybe you’ll be the one taking it in the pants
Even if you get a promise in writing
it makes no difference
you still end up fighting.

Take that Vogons  I totally  own you !  I’m still waiting for the regional manager to intervene since the store is now unable to proceed without this step

To date not one returned call and  I’m tired of chasing them around.   The offer was a  second lens for $50  with new camera   ( saving about $200) and this was a key factor in the purchase.  This with the rep’s name was written on the receipt  (  which is misplaced , thank the kid)  but all the info is on my   amex and their till has the transaction and the rep knows she did it.    Regardless of a happy ending here   I get  very little feeling of urgency  from the store in question.

Next step  I think is returning the camera since we’re now  close to their limit on returns. ( which they say they will extend while resolving this  but to date my confidence  in their proclamations is quite low:)

Then I posted an update.

After a few more days of waiting,  four separate promises to contact me re this had elapsed  and they have basically failed to honour the deal.Maybe the salesperson ( Kim) messed up in offering this to me but I bought this in good faith with the expectation of returning to store the following week and getting the lens at the price stated.

This offer was material to my choice of camera and no transaction would have occurred without it. While he ( manager John)  would like me to wait for their regional manager to get back from vacation I don’t find that to be an acceptable state of affairs and will likely be returning the camera  and while they have said they wil extend the return period in this case part of me fully  expects them to renege on that too.

next step: Head office and  also find out the franchise owner.

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