Honda of Superstition Springs, Mesa, is driving me to be “certified” : Playing phone tag with Honda.

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Buying a certified car from these people?  Maybe have someone else check it out first. Here’s my first review on Yelp prior to their attempts to fix the car.

Following on from a day two weeks ago  Camelback VW  we drove to see a Honda Civic at this dealer.  Decent test drive , I like  (Suzanne) the sales person and once again I find it hard to divorce the idea that the initial tier doesn’t know what the sales manager and Fi guy are going to pull. 

The car is a certified Honda meaning that it should have had 150 items checked and they all should work. To this dealer it means  “if they notice fix it”  actually it meant  pretend to fix it.  So yes I bought the car ( sorry to spoil the ending) but am still trying to get it to match the condition  at which I negotiated the price for. 

Manager tier pulls  the usual car dealer tricks.  Unable to answer an honest question. E.g What’s the price of the car +tax + doc + vlt with NO other add ons  for paint coverage, window etching or a myriad of other things you can acquire  for far far less if you add them after market.   I nearly walked out as the $200 etching fee made it into the paperwork. He claimed it’s an error, said it would hurt the salesperson  and the usual emotional BS they teach at weasel school. Having said that I liked the finance guy , Kiko, which is a total first for me. 

If you paid $800 for a factory alarm it will do your sanity good to avoid checking the part number and installation procedure. 

So why the two?  The fuel cap on these can only be released from the inside and it doesn’t work. Noticing this on your trip to San Diego after buying the car is not a lot of fun. Once it was opened it had so much grease, fresh, that it looked like an attempt to cover it up/ fix it.   The radio that I pointed out  had the speakers incorrectly installed was meant to be remedied on site. They did a little but still doesn’t work and  the central  cabin light isn’t working.  The latter 2 are livable the former is not.  Yes it’s picky but the inflated value of a cert car is mostly the happy fluffy knowledge that it’s been checked and has no major issues that would prevent your enjoyment  or necessitate a trip back to the dealers to resolve.

Today I took a trip back to the dealer to remedy these items. Was meant to take a couple of hours. I left without the speakers being replaced as they had none in stock and waiting for them to be brought in , plus another two hours , would have resulted in me spending over six hours in a building without a working internet connection ( Oh they have an internet area it just wasn’t working on this , or the prior, visit.

I had asked to bring it down during the week and get a loaner car to get to work and back which they wouldn’t do. I’m fed up with being reasonable. After discovering tonight that the third brake light didn’t just work but was absent from the enclosure entirely I can reasonably claim that the additional price they factored into this car based on it being “Honda certified” is a value that I didn’t receive.

In short  Superstition  Honda represented this car as having passed as certified without legally required lighting present let alone not working.

As for Honda they have been playing phone tag with me and I’ve yet to find out if they have anyway to resolve this.


  1. cliffordNo Gravatar says:

    I have leftover fireworks from new years…

    -edited to protect the innocent- .

  2. WoodyNo Gravatar says:

    Yes, unfortunately a “certified” car is a line of bullshit they sell you to make you want to pay their asking price. I’d report them to the BBB!

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