Auto annoyance.Camelback VW. Our attempt at buying a car. Honesty is most certainly an option.

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I posted this over at Yelp but after I’ve just had another surprise , e.g a loan application that I never requested, I think it’s time to expend some time on informing people what they are getting into  if dealing with Camelback VW

EXEC Summary:

+Wasted our time with childish obfuscation of the sales price
+Disregarded our ceiling for buying a vehicle
+Changed terms of finance and what it would take to qualify
+ Ran a  loan application for me instead of a credit check after telling them we’d not be using them then having it denied. In fact I am checking to see if this was retaliatory strike.

Some of this is a review of the used car sales process and while the staff at Camelback VW  insist that we must have somehow misunderstood them I don’t think that. We went to look at a car, tested it,and left. We liked it enough to discuss terms  the day after and  that’s where the fun started. We had simple needs. Tell us the car price + tax, fees and registration.  That’s it we didn’t want a warranty or many of the other add ons that they try to foist on you.  They made an offer, we declined  as it was above our stated max of 10k  out the door max.

Strike 1:  Failing to listen to your customer.

Forward a day and a call from  James called wanted us to consider it again at what they called the auction price. (Claimed car was a week away from being auctioned)   This sounded better so we found sitter for the kid,  drove down and asked for a new price. It was $200 less than previously and still above $10k. They had taken up yet another night and this offer just plain sucked. They could have told us on the phone but no they think it’s clever to waste people’s money acting like a paranoid secret squirrel on a meth bender.

Strike 2:  Treating us like children will not make us respect you or even be civil.  We should have walked at that juncture.

The usual what could we do to guarantee you’d buy it discussion occurred?  Easy  8k out the door, that’s a pretty low offer,insulting? Maybe but hey once you take the piss with an offer that failed to meet our limit  and lose us a few hours of spare time then I get pissy.  They didn’t even counter, just said no way, can’t even get close and the poor dealer’s story of how much they were in for that car etc came out.  I really thought they would break out some violins.

Next day  call about how the night guy mustn’t have been informed of the “auction price” offer and really they would let us get it for  9200 out the door Yay:)  Erin went down on her own to fill out the paperwork.

( Sidebar) I have really good credit ( there’s a reason Scrooge McDuck is Scottish after all) my partner less so, ok it’s poor. That’s ok we expected to pay dearly for this , her first car, but 20% is just plain awful. Hell when I was new to this country I got a lower rate on a new VW bug.)

They came back over 20% and I suggested she not do this without talking first or seeing if my bank would be a better bet. After she spent  more hours at VW Camelback they wanted to run the numbers with me and her ( they still sucked being a  full 12% over the number my bank qualified me for today) but in the meantime they told her she no longer qualified at 20% , that it would have to be co signed BUT if we added an extended warranty onto it, they could call in a special favor and they could see about it. This scam is so well known I can link to it:)

That’s when we walked for the last time. I could have bought the car, cash but that defeats the  rebuilding credit goal.  Simply didn’t trust them. I think the withholding of credit unless you get to the figure by adding warranties  is problematic and  coercive in a manner that I’d consider unethical given a prior indication, the reason we were even back in the dealers , that she’d been approved.   We received a call saying  “they are sorry we misunderstood”  some apology, we understand that you get so used to BS that you can’t stop doing it even if you want to.

Ended the day at Superstition Honda and bought a used Civic so HA  we were serious. you jack offs! Loan? 6%  . What’s sad is that I really like diesel cars and have bought a new VW prior. I’ve had service at this dealer prior and this is how they go about building a long term business. Morons lost a car sale, a potential car sale and  service for both.

Time passed and I just got a letter from the bank saying they’d denied my loan. I never entered into a loan with these people just a credit check. I’m doing some research on the dates/ times this occurred because it seems a tad malicious to apply me for a loan I’d not filled out the paperwork.

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  1. JordanNo Gravatar says:

    You simply have to be able say ‘no, thanks at that price’ at least once to the dealer. This gives them a strong message that you are serious about your research.

    You should also bring a piece of paper to the dealership and make sure you do all the math of the finance calculations yourself. The point is not that they will do the math wrong. The point is you will see exactly how the deal is structured. Do not be afraid to take the time to do this or look like a fool for mapping out your car deal in the dealership.

    My dad swears by this process,

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