i Phone just how AYE murrican is it.

Posted In General by Haltse Friday February 27, 2009

Earlier in the day I posted this to my Facebook account.
“John is about to give in. Declare the iPhone the winner , for now, and find some Apple flavour Kool Aid”
I should have been clear in stating the terms of victory being purely a numerical advantage.E.g If I wanted to make applications for a single device then it’s hard to argue,seriously,against it being the iPhone. That is against the iPhone in the USA , or wannabe countries  like the UK.  It’s the best mobile browsing experience out there but that’s about where it stops. Safari stops a lot, a heck of a lot but it’s so compelling when it’s working that I can forgive it.
The iPhone/ iPod touch is also probably the best, and underutilized, control surface available within the price range. I can think of so many home, life and auto automation tasks small companies could […]

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