NFW Autopilot. By George it’s a great watch.

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watch pillowI’ve always had a hankering for materials related to aircraft. Our family has an airfield and oddly enough,apart from the undercarriage at the door were most of you would have a old tractor, wagon wheel or similarly atavistic piece harking back to a different time, there’s little in the way of flight memorabilia.  Sounds like a poorly constructed segue-way but it’s not one I shall waste.

One readily accessed bromide is that of customer service being better in the olden days. That is was more personal  and alas those days are gone due to the pace of modern life and no one having the time

To which I say bollocks! That’s bollocks to my continual attempts to reference time while I’m really looking to show off the new timepiece and the excellent service I received from the company that sold it to me NFW Watches.

First let’s get started on how I came to know about their existence.

It started with a no way are you going to buy a $4000 watch inner dialog that had some echoes from those nearby. I thought that was very reasonable as I’d already set my sights lower than the Wyler that  comes in at over five figures, my father wanted to certify me for that, that I’d been drooling over.  I really like the square case, aviation/military aesthetic .I also wanted to keep it high contrast and so I hit the search engines and found these. Stuhrling  ‘Raven Diablo’ Automatic Watch , Invicta   Corduba  Watch and many shameless clones heading  towards the counterfeits which deserve to rot in hell. Seriously homage is one thing, theft is another.

I didn’t want to fake a watch and was just about to knock the endeavor on the head when I came across a post suggesting that people that like the Bell and Ross models may appreciate NFW’s Autopilot range.  A review on convinced me that this was the way to go. The Autopilot has it’s own character, more attention to detail than I thought likely at this price range and the owner of the company is active online ,particularly within forums in a very real and substantive manner. I just had to give them a try.

I wrote George Fox, the owner, designer  of NFW and inquired about the model.   I received a mail back and  then dammit!,things got complicated.

Holy choices Batman! They’ve sold a lot of the Autopilot,owning one now I can see why, but the rest of the range was on sale.A day after considering something from the Vector line I went ahead and bought the one I’d set out to get in the first place .We had a chat on the phone after exchanging mails and a couple of days later it was on my wrist.

For those interested in ordering the NFW AutoPilot and are willing to  pony up the $495.00  that the dealer’s charge I have some good news for you.NFW sells them direct for $350 and slightly more for the mechanical version. You can mail George directly gfox at to get the ball rolling.


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