Not just stupid toy trains that AZ Republic supports any Woo-Woo BS gets in.

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In this article from the AZ Republic a newspaper that decides what stories we can comment on, this not being one of them,the word psychic is not in quotations yet the word excessive is. I’m going to attack,for it’s not possible to gently chide, suggest or be reasonable when dealing with the local government licensing woo-woo is bullshit. I’d love to know by which standard Gilbert are verifying the psychic’s services. Who on the council ensures that the chakras are handled in the correct manner and that no psychic residue escapes into the streets?

That made me a little angry. What made me a lot more angry was her concern of passing on the pricing of the licensing to people yet the comfort with charging money for fairy tales is quite ok. The rest is a free advert from the paper without challenge to what could be considered as a reasonable question aren’t you full of crystal powered poop?

Psychic wins battle with Gilbert over permit

A Gilbert psychic has challenged the town’s license and permit fees and won.

Paula Parris said the requirements to get a license and permit as a fortune teller in Gilbert were “excessive,” costing her $1,300 more than most other businesses.


  1. Who are you to set out to raze all shrines? You’ll frighten men. Enshrine mediocrity, and the shrines are razed. Is the doctor or the engineer to be considered greater than the shaman, than any man? A man’s value is is achieved collectively by each man subordinating himself to the opinions of the majority.

  2. HaltseNo Gravatar says:

    Methinks you need a long quiet sit-down upon Wyatt’s torch for what ails ya Toohey

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