Google may be the future of mobile search but can’t find it’s ass with both hands in the present.

Posted In Uncategorized by Monday April 26, 2010

The other day I was searching for the opening hours of a local restaurant. After running to find a phone-booth to covertly speak a request into the iPhone  (sardellas) that I was looking for  which was about a mile away from my current location.

Google’s mobile iPhone app gave me a restaurant in Rhode Island a couple of thousand miles away as my number one and two result. 

What the hell is the use in that? A geo-enabled device making a request from a mobile app gets results for places that are hours away by jet! 

Yes it’s rather cool that I can talk into my phone, have it get the right phrase, and see results within a few seconds but it would be nice if it could be done with more attention paid to the context of the search.

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