Saturday Shennanigans and Shooting

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Range Day:

Today Smith family Wesson took out the 686, 625 and the Sw11  which  are 2 wheelguns and an auto. or one 357 and  two 45’s .   I shoot ok  but nowhere near as well as I can.  Then off to the motorcycle showrooms.  BMW  which is next to Scottsdale gun club and Ducati/Triumph which are across the same lot.

K I think BMW and me have parted ways back in the 80’s  I really miss the “flying brick”  k100  of the  80’s to mid 90’s  and since then they’ve really catared to a market other than myself.   Still  Erin fits on a 650  without a problem but she’s also used to large fat tempramental objects ( like me)  having owned a  Honda silverwing.  Anyway in this case being pointed to the Ducati 695 which fits my idea of a fun bike  <8k  V twin a like though they’ve taken to calling it a L twin and aircooled to simplify things further. It’s still 3 k more than a klr650  though which   is good for forest trails and the odd bit of X -country..   Oh well I can dream since I live in Phoenix land  of the mad driver.  I can’t recall one weekend where Erin and myself have been in a lane going straight  where some phone-tard started to pull into our lane.

what else?  I am having fun trying to rebuild a mental model based on the belief that corporations are a rational set of instructions for making money.

Capote:  Damn fine film even if it were  90 mins of Capote going to the shops  the performance by Philip Seymour Hoffman  would have made it interesting. ,which cemented Capote as one of the centuries  best American writers ,  As to the subject of the film and the book,crime and punishment  I really have to get into why a man that loves guns and knives  is against the death penalty and why I usually would avoid  movies with that as the theme. No “dead man walking  or the Green Mile for me” 

Tis not the season for that.. 

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