How Scrooge was twisted into the bleak house of public opinion

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Butler Shaffer writing at Lew  has taken on Scrooge as a client back in 2004. This is one Christmas story that takes the collectivist goodwill and excorriates it for the pious crap it is.  Scrooge Shrugged would be an interesting look at the topic since  , as you will find, Ebeneezer really is the only “doer”  of the piece  everyone else is waiting around to have things  done for and to them.

What is the bill of particulars with which my client is charged? Pay close attention to Mr. Dickens’ allegations. His case comes down to just two points: [1] my client has managed to become very rich, and, [2] he insists on keeping his money for himself. That’s it! That is the essence of his alleged wrongdoing.

I have criminal tendencies in that direction myself. 


  1. NealNo Gravatar says:

    Interesting comments. I too have scrooge-like tendencies :-).

    Here’s my take. It’s nice to be charitable. Hell, I believe that we’re a very charitible nation which is one reason why I believe we should do away with welfare.

    Interestingly enough, does it make someone poor-spirited because they don’t give money to others?

    And, to further flesh out that fine line, when is enough enough? Wwhen exactly is one considered a scrooge? $.01?

    Dunno…interesting point though.

  2. haltseNo Gravatar says:

    My take is that I am charitable by force nearly half my income is usurped by taxes,tariffs,social security and rates on property already paid for by the taxed money. So I am conventionally a miserable mean bastard according to most of the people I’ve known that make under $20k a year, they give… 🙂 Yeah well since their tax bill is a surplus from them they can afford to be generous with other people’s money. IMHO I’ve paid, a lot and further paying to alleviate the ills that my work has been forcibly removed from me would really really irk me. I’d rather privately fund friend in need ( best way to lose ’em I find)

    There’s no fine line until you are as “noble” and poor as those you sought to better you’re not giving enough:) Shame that socialism ,demonstrably, seems to mean we’re all equal as long as it’s equally poor:)

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