It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Sure.

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Firstly my happy joy at finding a  gift from Erin that was unexpected and needed:) I know see my virtual life on a widescreen monitor which  looks like it can replace the need for two screens especially for music / vid editing. It did take some installing though .  Had to research my card, how to get it to work in a non native resolution and various other bits of fun that may have had many returning the panel to the store.   It’s amazing how good this looks when set up properly yet  I feel sorry for those that just want to plug in a monitor.. 

Tequila bottle 🙂 yum more Patron Anejo to bring in the new year with.

And the child Dobhran?  Well he’s still not into it. He was amused by the trainset, a little, and proceeded to do a Beecher act on it, and most of the day he was teething in a way that was frustrating for him and all around.

Haiku time

The Godfather soul

 brother number one has left

I don’t feel so good

The “news” paper is filled with more stories of supernatural bullshit than is good for one,  people mistaking stains for the virgin Mary and this retrogressive asswipe  suggesting

it was shameful that in “this age of plenty and unbridled consumerism” many remained deaf to the “heart-rending cry” of those dying of hunger, thirst, disease, poverty, war and terrorism.

Gee, and I don’t need to be the head of a worldwide religion to know that. Sadly mr pontification doesn’t  just how far the technology that saddens him as allowed more people than ever to lead relatively freer lives.    So where’s the faith based aircraft, the  prayer activated pesticide or the  hail mary antibiotic? That’s all well and nice but his Poopiness the Hole would like to skip over that and pray for shit to work. 


Credo… why don’t you fade away?

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  1. NealNo Gravatar says:

    A Picturesque Day
    John Is Praying To The God
    Of The Porcelain

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