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Religion should be placed in the entertainment section.

Politics in Sport and Sport is now lifestyle.  

But let’s get all  sewage, er newage and start with me.  You know you can’t change your world .. just your reaction to it.  I hate that phrase yet.. I’ve used it myself and to any of you that had to suffer from such I apologise ..slightly.   Tis utter bollocks  people have regularly changed the world by refusing to look at what’s there  , calling it fate and proceeding to do the same bone headed shit over and over again.

Then again I think that Grendel got a raw deal:)     Tonight watched the rather excellent Gladiator which  I have to say I’m glad we waited for the  large screen to take in the spectacle that Ridley Scott laid on for us.  It touches on so many things that’s apparently lacking from  the prepackaged life, so neatly delt with in Trainspotting, as well as being the poster on my wall in the UK where  fact and fiction merged and the weirdness started, but that in all honesty no sane person would really want.  

 Death annoys me, doesn’t become me, and this is why I am so pissed at the film… While you never see when and why he gives his loyalty over to the original empire he’s pretty ok with hacking up the families of other countries in Rome’s name , the same functionaries that  slide into his role though  after his fall from grace we’re meant to maybe see as somewhat less noble?  I admit it I’m no fucking fun when it comes to movies anymore.

I digress

 2k7 I plan to start rubbing salt on my head so my hair will get thirsty and pop out for a drink.  

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