Wearing thin

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December has been a month of yuck healthwise for all in the house. Kid’s been to the DR more times for ad hoc visits than ever and sadly has taken the term inconsolable to heart. 

1am Mon

1am Tues, Erin stayed with him, neither slept well

Wed: To daycare, he  choked  phlegm, puked and  fevered re being sick  and so I have my little one back again.  This time I’m taking my vacation days which have been stacking up to nurse the little forker  into a happier mood.. hopefully:)


To work , yeah I’m not working but…;) ,  at home I bought a rf keyboard/ mouse  connecters to the flatpanel and will likely  get that working tonight. 40″ desktop with a PIP showing TV/ dvd  how  f’ing cool is that… Very is the answer.   In other news.. I’m tired. 

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