One thumb , cut off, stuck way into the cranium of the morons that remade this

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 The Hitcher (2007)

“Our” man Rutger Hauer, apart from being a little Batty on occasion  ( wouldn’t you be if you had the lesser of the two Buffys? ) once did a small, and it’s pretty small based on how many people I’ve met that know it  The Hitcher.   One of the better suspense/ horror movies that  relied mainly on the imagination rather than the CGI toolbox.  Doesn’t look like the  trailer has taken that route,  it’s time for show and tell.  It’s not a classic , more so to me than others since it was one of the first movies that managed to get an amoral character ( Ok conventionally he’s getting up there with evil)  and not have it explained in terms of why ?  there’s no happy ending and when it comes down to it there was nothing that needed to appear in a sequel  or now a remake.

Can we get a law preventing anyone remaking Repoman? 😀

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