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The Paying for TV lifestyle is going well. There’s been enough on Adult Swim, You Tube and various vidcasts to keep me amused for 2 days ..:) The wireless keyboard/mouse work pretty well and I’ve found that Opera is the most useful browser for my long distance viewing with friendlier and more consistent zoom settings than IE or FF.

I’m still trying to get through “The Fatal Shore” it’s not that I don’t like the book it’s just that so many pages a night prior to sleep doesn’t work as well.

Just bought “Calculated Chaos” Calculated Chaos by Butler Shaffer and Hayek’s “The Road to Serfdom” The Road to Serfdom Fiftieth Anniversary Edition because feeling something is obvious doesn’t equal the ability to convince others who have been “taught” by the state 🙂

Social Media, ah the joys of traversing this increasingly self aggrandizing movement which seems to be missing the point or more likely “this” point is missing the movement:D

In one corner: Those that are tired of the coercive, manipulative tactics and outright falsehoods perpetrated, partly through regulatory constrictions and partly through choice , of old media and seek to create an alternative to the wilderness of smoke and mirrors that one could argue that MSM seems to promote and then….

And then are those that want to sell to these people.It may be better to start a split between social media and social marketing. What a minute I thought I was close to being an anarcho capitalist.,.. yeah well I’m 50% there I just need to work on the latter.. so why would should I give a rat’s patoot about what the marketing maniacs may monetize? Mainly it’s the self serving bullshit. I saw/ see cluetrain as a very obvious set of ideas, just repeated x 3-4 on each point but hey , ink’s free on the web:D, but ultimately I am not sure it’s considered a “how to” guide to fake a connection in the bid to sell more crap 😀 None of the people I’ve met in marketing have been remotely convincing that they really are helping us rather then helping their message and how it should be framed… The people actually walking the walk the owners and producers of companies “that get it” don’t need an interstitial tier .

Shame that middle tier is working so hard on making themselves relevant .

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