Mr Kessler did your brains get gifted to science? Naked theft proposed in Wisconsin on unredeemed gift cards.

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Legislator eyes unused gift card value

Madison – Rep. Fred Kessler (D-Milwaukee) said today that the value of unused gift cards should go to the state treasury – not to the merchant – and that change will be part of a bill he’ll introduce in the legislative session starting in January.

Is it that far a leap to think of other items that may have been intended yet not used ..  You know being taxed on  looking at new car models might just work.You may have thought about buying one but your not doing so “deprives” the state of revenues.   Anyway this  tool of the Washington He wants to expire them forcibly , regardless of merchant/ taxpayer’s wishes and then retain 80% of the value to make schools ( the ones he wants the kids to go to, not those chosen by the parents  and roads nicer. If people wanted them don’t you think they would vote for tax increases to have these wonderful new services?  Next up bills to keep all change from vending machines, the unused parts of phone cards.. and you were going to finish that soda weren’t you ?

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