Argh a MALL!! oh no Lane Bryant..

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Today we took the morning off from partying , oh wait , that was a dream. Anyway after we surfaced it looked like commerce was unavoidable and the Mall at Arrowhead was the chosen destination , needed a car seat for Dobh, Erin needed more clothing on the grounds that  she’s been steadily shedding pounds and sizes these past few months.   This lead to the unenviable position of her being nowhere near the largest women in the story but I was the largest  guy.  I have no idea how these poor stick figures of men survive  snoo snoo 🙂  Anyway it felt like rather than a cigarette extinguisher there should have  been a can for  half eaten doughnuts, or fried chicken legs or just something that could get across the enormity of the problem  but  seriously  you think there would be fucking leftovers?   I know people that live in glass houses shouldn’t sunbathe naked  but  my neighbours can look away..  yet oddly they don’t?

Anyway coming up  Homeopathy, Homosexuals and the priests that love em….

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