How iFILM see executions as a public entertainment.

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Upfront. I don’t agree with the state enforcing a death penalty but I’m rather happy to hear any stories where a convenience store clerk shoots robbers. The Saddam in a noose shot I can live with , not sure he could, the exhortations to watch video of it from unlikely sources is another thing. I was on Ifilm and in the comedy/ parody section and after my clip ended, Silent Star Wars and up popped hey would you like to see one of these .

Yep they are selling execution as an entertainment , sponsored by Quizno’s too which is pointless since he wasn’t electrocuted ..mmm mmm toasty… I digress. It’s such a boneheaded move to parade state sanctioned murder as a recommendation , sure have it online for those that want to see, stick it in the news section just don’t fucking recommend it in comedy lest you be mistaken for arsewipes of the highest caliber.

Ok onto the contrarian pissed otter part. Saddam was the head of the state that killed people which they say is wrong so we’re going to use the same power of the state to kill him.. Interesting that he was hung for the deaths of about the same number of people that a certain TX governor sanctioned using the power of the state as an excuse too. Isn’t relativism cool?:)

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