The Hoohah Monologues changed to please some cupid stunts

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Xeni Jardin:
BoingBoing reader JDO says,

The Atlantic Theater in Atlantic Beach, FL changed their marquee for the “The Vagina Monologues” at the request of a woman who saw it as she drove by the theater with her niece. I prefer “The Snatch Monologues”, “The Bearded Clam Monologues” or even “The Spasm Chasm Monologues”, but my niece won’t see the marquee so I guess my opinion doesn’t count.

Link to blog post. More naming possibilities here.
A local television news station did a segment on this story, and CNN was running it this morning — it’s hilarious, “Daily Show”-grade surreality. Must watch: Link (embedded video in upper right hand corner)

I’d never say cunt in a post.

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