Boo hoo cry me a river Abusive lenders upset at other abusive lenders (One’s the government, the other regulated by…

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Having seen to much BS re how the DOE handles people with student loan issues, allows them to be sold , and resold and  so on  , often adding about  $1500 in transfer fees  I  find it hard to believe that private companies are any worse than the state sanctioned  “abuse” that goes on.  Guess who the state uses to chase up the delinquencies on their safe happy loans? 

Of course it makes for better citizens if you have so much debt that escape from mainstream  cube or office decay looks impossible , you may need the state to save you from ..well you’re the state;) yourself.   You don’t need a degree and $50k in debt to work that one out.

NY official: Private college loans marked by abuses –

Rampant abuses by lenders have followed a boom in higher-priced college loans not guaranteed by the government, and lax federal oversight has made the situation worse, New York’s attorney general said Wednesday.

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