Hell’s Kitchen A lovely protected class free workplace . We need one of these shows for coders.

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Ah, I found a TV show that  could be classified reality that I enjoy on many levels.  Once is  seeing what happens when  self esteem hits realization that feeling good about yourself  doesn’t get a meal anywhere.  Having seen a lot of Gordon Ramsey and trying out quite a few of his recipes,with good success,  I let Fox be my distraction for a couple of hours. 

FOX Broadcasting Company: Hell’s Kitchen

In other news.   Motorcycle shops in Phoenix are  possibly the shittiest customer service experience going.   Only one of the shops we went to took the time  to talk to us the others  didn’t answer questions,  or approach us and  while Erin has theories re our attire  being “not serious” enough for bike shopping  I can’t get over  the Hyosung  dealer on Cave Creek road in Phoenix  AZdesertsports.com  wandering off to help another person, then another and not replying to questions re the offer on the site ( which doesn’t work in Firefox) for a $4200 model  which they were so so keen to  go look up.. not!   Shit we drove to the store , asked about a specific model / deal  you think.. DO YOU THINK   that maybe we’d be interested in buying the  fucking thing?  Well not from those guys.    The more of this shit I encounter the less I think that there’s such a thing as excellent customer service in any non ultra specialized area  it’s just that  adequate cs is getting so rare that what should be the norm..  isn’t.

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