Water .. water everywhere? and not a brain to think. More TSA Bullshit for daring to fly while parent

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On the whole people still are incredulous that I have a problem flying with the little one,

Update As usual all is not what it seems and here’s a post from Bruce Scneier’s blog with the “rest of the story…” I’m still not on the TSA’s side since most cases of BS only occur after a situation is created by “security theater” and ultimately a defense of “oh now look what you made us do” isn’t going to fly, much like anyone that has the nerve to challenge their “public” servants. In otherwords they can both be jerks:D

The incident started when Monica, who left the Secret Service to raise a family, was stopped while going through airport security because there was water in her son’s sippy cup. The sippy cup was seized by TSA. Monica wanted the cup back because the sippy cup was the only way her son would drink — and it was a long flight between Washington, DC and Reno, Nevada where she was going for a family reunion. If you’ve ever had a toddler you understand about sippy cups.

The good news is crap like this keeps happening and may lead to something really interesting in the future.These TSA people are community members too, I mean they have power in one little area of the world but hey there’s nothing that says we need to interact with them at any other time:) You know fix their cars, repair their house make really nice food:) More people have been terrorised , and if you don’t think that a threat to being tossed in jail and having your kid removed isn’t terrorism you have problems I can’t address presently, by these “experts” that have next to no accountability and yet 200 people will stand idly by and watch this abuse just grateful it’s not them.. Shit film this turn it into black and white and you could use this as a propaganda film against the enemy.. amazing what can go wrong in sixty years.. amazing.

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