The religion of peace meets protection by the state.. One can only guess at the results

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Seemingly the special units are needed because the average day to day policeman in the UK  has no interest in upholding their oath, boy do I know that feeling:)   These fucks need to either get out of the 15thC  or come up with their own version of the Springer show to resolve these matters.

Special units to crack down on honour killing | Society |

The changes come after Banaz Mahmod, a 20-year-old Kurd, was murdered by her father and uncle because they disapproved of her boyfriend who was not a strict Muslim and was not of their tribe.

She was found dumped in a suitcase, with the shoelace used to kill her around her neck. She had repeatedly told police her family were trying to kill her. In one instance where she had escaped from her father, she was not taken seriously, and described as melodramatic and manipulative by an officer who interviewed her.

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