kiss my bitter ass

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kiss my bitter ass

Do you believe in peace? Bitch!

Ok so the Tori reference is lost on most of you but take a look at the servers side of the table. Tipping is an emotive issue for many, just like illegal immigrants ,yet most of the more annoying people I know with an opinion on both subjects are the cheap bastards that take advantage of both situations. Let’s just say that I tip well but my garden and car are a mess.
I bet you didn’t know we’re at war with the hospitality industry did you 😉

By the way there’s a special area in my hell for anyone that tips a waitress with a Christian tract that looks like a dollar..


  1. kelleeNo Gravatar says:

    ah i’m all for tipping, and the service has to be horrendously bad in order for me to omit said tip. being a waiter/waitress is amongst the hardest jobs to do.

    what i don’t understand is tipping at buffets. they ring up your order. that’s it. they don’t even bring drinks!!! yay, have a few extra bucks for being able to work the cash register.

    then where the hell is my tip?

  2. haltseNo Gravatar says:

    Yeah I object to the latter. The worse, the absolute worst though is phone ahead to go meals from casual dining restaurants. You want money to pass me the bag on your side of the counter, to my side of the counter. Nice.

  3. kelleeNo Gravatar says:

    in all fairness, pushing a bag is very difficult. do you know how many years of training it takes to learn that?

    but seriously… waiters, definitely. and good tips at that. i never tip less than 20%. if they’re rude to you, totally ignore you, still won’t get you sour cream after you’ve asked three times, and your drink’s been nothing more than melting ice for the last ten minutes, then no tip. or a very small one.

    delivery guys, yeah they’re deserving of a good tip. they’ve used up their gas to get my food to me. and in the city of houston they’ve risked their lives pretty much. i used to love driving, now it terrifies me. people driving through intersections, not caring about the fact that the way isn’t clear (a COP did this to me once); cutting you off without a turn signal and only about 1″ of passing space, i.e. little or no space for reaction whatsoever; people casually running red lights. not the type that speed through to beat the light, but the ones that sit at the red light for a few seconds and just decide ”nah i’m going” then just go, regardless of all the cars that are coming. yeah, i’d say delivery men deserve a good tip and even a congratulations.

    but that’s a different rant for a different day. maybe i’ll play with it in my journal.

  4. RubyNo Gravatar says:

    Packing up food for a to go order is more labor intensive than putting it on a plate for in-house service. It is usually a server or bartender who makes sure all the details are there for you in your take out order. It is more than passing a bag over a counter.

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