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Exams are racist

I am trying to work out how mathematics is racist

Are there questions such as… yo, if I be in da house wit one phat law suit and get 10 mil , and had to hook my main man cochrane up wid a 35% cut how much bling bling do I gets ?

If I have 100 crosses 400 gallons of gasoline +200ft of white material how many southern churches can I terrorise?

Basically it’s more of the responsibility bypass surgery fueled by litigous fucks. Basically you get the leadership you deserve and the schooling and well I think I should sue my school for making me take French exams in French….


  1. piksyNo Gravatar says:

    actually i read somewhere a long time ago that some schools are introducing those kinds of word problems, having to do w/ gangstas and pimps. mostly ghetto schools. i think it’s dumb and you know if these people are so fucking pissy about their situation why are they egging it on?

    as far as the edumacation thing goes, i know in my school half the teachers i had they said just read this passage and if you asked for help they wouldn’t help you half the time unless they liked you. my algebra I teacher threw an equation on the board and told you to solve it if you had the audacity to ask for help he’d put you down say stuff like ”well if you weren’t so stupid you wouldn’t need my help” as oppossed to my algebra II teacher who helped anyone that asked, he even helped me w/ my chemistry because my chemistry teacher constantly said stuff like ”if you can’t figure it out you shouldn’t have taken this class” or whatever so i believe that about the whole education thing you know cuz some schools they’ll teach some students while completely ignoring others.

  2. haltseNo Gravatar says:

    I didn’t have the same teachers:) The school ignored me instead..


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