Let’s blame firewater for bad behaviour.. how ab original an idea.. Aussie double plus ban.

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BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Alcohol banned in Aborigine areas

Australia is to ban alcohol and pornography in Aboriginal areas in the Northern Territory in a bid to curb child sex abuse.

News from the fatal shore where it looks like the state has decided that other as a  photo op for tourist brochures their respect they have little use for the earliest Aussie settlers as anything other an experimental playground for social control,  a fitting phrase since it’s “for the children.”

One was about to feel sorry for them when this gem came up re the states plan  to not hand out money unless it was used to clothe and educate family members and tie it to good behaviour.

some Aboriginal leaders immediately attacked the plan as “disgusting and
paternalistic”, saying they were not consulted and that they objected
to restrictions on how indigenous people spend their welfare benefits.

That indigenous people have  benefits is rather amusing , about as amusing as everyone that gets money from welfare being held to the same standard which I am sure would be slightly more ethical  but not so hot for winning  votes in   their upcoming “advanced auction of stolen goods”  Curious as to why the symptoms are being addressed rather than the philosophical underpinnings  of a culture that’s selling it’s children for  drink.  Sadly work is too hectic to speculate on their true motivation:D

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