Oh boy has it been a long while since I had a bitter coded post to write.

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I was physically sick today on three occasions and that was the highlight of my work day. Events that I had forewarned came to pass and like all the best kinds of warning  the messenger gets it in the neck.      I am  of course responsible for raising this on several occasions, had presaged , to the DAY, when the hit pieces would take place and  then had to suffer through continual restatement of a minor case that’s akin to a person having their  Ford Focus replaced by a Mercedes but the tanks a couple of gallons shy so they are really unhappy and won’t wait till next week to get a top up.

Going to repeat that I, woke up , threw up x 3 , and while it’s probably ill advised to do that again it’s based on  a genuine desire to see us succeed  and knowing that the amount of flack headed for those covering my absence wasn’t something I’d wish on them.  Also I’m close to a toilet at work , and I has mah  bukket  handy.

The worst part , The extra hours all get lumped on my team while, due to having families ,they ( you know them!)  can’t possibly work at the weekend. Well fuck you very much.  I hate having to have the kid in daycare  longer than is necessary, or at Grandparents more than  twice month since we get One day a week together with him and people that get in the way of that are certainly not on my happy tree friends list.

Seemingly my willingness to cover the work was “dumping the kid” and that’s the point  I didn’t attempt to insert the entire MSDN catalog sideways up his arse even though I was happily entertaining that.   Well jeez,  everyone of my team has kids  and seem to be quite attached to them yet somehow that’s ok that we should be penalized.

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