Late weekend round up: Daywatch , shopping, Rula Bula Tempe

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 Ok ,  well it was a trying weekend for  quite a few personal and professional reasons. First up .. Rula Bula   an Irish pub, it was next to the theater that would be showing our movie for the afternoon.  Place, like Tempe was dead at 1330 on the kind of day St Patrick would be outside  shouting about reptiles. The ones smarter than him  that had left that godforsaken isle by never going there:)  Anyway  they did have cider but  not on draught and certainly you could taste the storage mechanism..  boo. Their fish and chips though are pretty damn good, reasonably priced  but the  rest of the fare is the usual let’s attach cute names to food and find a tenuous link back to the old country ( their’s not mine).    No black pudding on a menu.. sorry  you’re not Irish anything at that stage.

Movie was  part dva of a Russian trilogy called Daywatch which  takes the perennial G vs E  ( I miss that show) storyline but set in contemporary Russian ( mainly Moscow) which is a nice change.  I should talk more about it later since there’s a nice cross between the Matrix, LOTR with much that’s missing from the US variants which  have G and have E and  apart from those turned or twisted, you know excused from responsibility, you pretty much stay in the camp you came in with.  

Prior to this we’d been to Helmet Harbor  to peruse safety gear for the bike,   wallet got into quite a collision here.  I left with nothing other than  proof that at  least two helmets fit me,  both not available in white ergo no sale made. I don’t mind  buying locally to keep people going but I’m not going to drive 20 miles to not find it  and then order it to go back.The alternative is     getting it $20 cheaper with  no tax online + $6  saved on gas mmm no brainer.

Sunday:  little work, lots of Dobh and then off to another bike shop that was   open on a Sunday,  seemingly they don’t read their website 🙁

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