No solicitations sign led to no sale sign.

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I was going to order  no solicitation signs from this company, just to make it REALLY obvious to a company or two  nearby  that persist in dropping crap on the drive despite it being against the city ordinance to do so.  Screw the city part  it’s my property and they have zero right to foist the task of cleaning up their shit on me because they are too cheap to use traditional media or too stupid to work out Adsense or Craigslist.

While looking around the site after adding the no solicitations ones to the cart I came across their no weapons signs.  Given the former I appreciate private businesses owning their own property and being able to refuse anyone , or anyone plus and object they disapprove. When I see one I  don’t frequent that business. I love such clear and unambiguous signs and respect their wishes ,not because I legally have to, but because it’s their property and their desire.  Only  Frys electronics has escaped this ban to date because it’s sadly the only place in Phoenix I can find these parts on the same day.

So I sent them a polite letter. ( excerpt)

With regards to the concealed carry signs I find their assertions that  people are safer because of this and that people with a concealed weapons  permit( ccw) are an inherent danger do not reflect my experience nor that of the 37 or so states that have allowed concealed carry.Incidents involving legal ccw possessors are so low, on all crimes,that suggesting otherwise is an oversight or something else?  I don’t wish  you to change your messages  just providing information on why my family will be sourcing these signs from another company.

No shouting, no swearing just info to a company on why it lost a sale that it never knew about until now. It’s worth trying with any company. Your success rate may be low   I’ve only had one success but that’s one more than  not trying.
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  1. Led signs are the best way to shed lights not only the on the advertisement phrases but the attract the public also .they are cheap and small business can afford it.

  2. HaltseNo Gravatar says:

    Well you really have sucky marketers.Your choices of keywords / response suggest a company that’s spend too many hours at social media conferences and completely misunderstanding the point. This isn’t a conversation , it’s a non-sequitur , aka a retard shouting “I like pudding” when others are talking about watches.

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