If you have to capture concerts please buy a damn mic, recorder ANYTHING other than your stupid phone.

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This is to the tech crowd, the geeks e.g the people that should know better.

everything I’m seeing from the Pax08 concert has such poor sound /
video that it’s a complete waste of time and energy yet this crap is
getting 4 and 5 stars. Here’s where it bugs me. The crappy sound
and video in a sane world would be “mediated” by the crowd and given
an appropriate rating but it seems that it’s totally broken in the
cases of geek centric clips. Self recognition doesn’t = ****/*****
stars dumb ******/*******

You are today’s equivalent of the
idiots in sports stadiums with their GN14 flashes trying to reach out
all the way to center field. Either drop the money on a reasonable
recorder or just leave it in your pocket.

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  1. Roslyn TranNo Gravatar says:

    can everyone suggest a camera for me? since in all honesty, i never know much about them, and i’m not extremely absolutely sure just where to start. here’s what i know i want:

    super fast shutter speed (the shutter speed on my digicam now lags terribly)

    a product that is first-rate in low mild (i go to a lot of live shows, and my photographs almost always come out streaky and blurry and the hues are inaccurate)

    reputable means to capture topics in movement (like snapping a sharp shot of anyone leaping on a trampoline or taking pictures from the passengers side of a car or truck)

    reputable zoom

    High definition video clip functionality (i never specifically need it, but it would be awesome)

    soo yep. if any individual could benefit me out that would be incredibly superb. or if you are not able to title a specified digicam, at least explain to me your favourite model. i’m inclined to invest roughly $five hundred. thanks!!

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