Now this is cute. Invertebrates in space this SO needs to be made a plush toy. Come on Think Geek get on it!

Posted In reality,science by Haltse Monday September 8, 2008

Invertebrate Astronauts Make Space History | Wired Science from

 Erin was telling me that the “hardest” animal in existence could survive ,exposed, in the vacuum of space.  Bullshit I said, the hardest animal  is a pig with a flick knife and everybody knows that.  Looks like I was wrong. 

You’d never guess from looking at these clips that the millimeter-long
tardigrade is the world’s toughest animal, found from deep ocean to
Himalayan mountaintops, able to survive at a single degree above
absolute zero.

Tardigrade (Water Bear)

These things are so cute that there needs to be a plushie made in their honour.  I look forward to sharing their DNA soon. 😀

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