brandstreaming yet another nightmare that needs to find a way to Room 101.

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Like most things in life, the universe and what’s still being called social media ,  you can pull up some aphorism from some Greek that’s been dead for  over two millenia to anchor your point to.   Do no harm isn’t a bad one,  and it’s  a lot easier to pull off than do no evil   yet neither are as compelling , or succinct as Wil Wheaton’s   “don’t be a dick”  as an almost libertarian reduction of the non aggression principle into  the vernacular.    (Sadly his writings on politics really don’t ultimately follow this   but   let’s not get into that) 

In short  it’s  a set of  rules  for the relationship between creators, promoters and fans  around  Sci Fi / Fantasy conventions which can be extrapolated to  most commercial  interactions. E.G   Are we customers, consumers, data points  or people that  want to get things done?

When you have a “voice” for a corporation engaged in social media  maybe it’s a good idea to think about the above because the mode of address you choose in 3/4 cases is going to be wrong

Can a corporation really be your friend?   Does this  construct sound real?   X is out buying yummy things  his  company make  ,  Y is out  watching their Movie  etc  Does this sound remotely like a relationship your engaged in?    If it doesn’t it’s for the obvious reason that it ISN’T. 

I love dealing with people from companies,  hate dealing with  company names that have a rotating cast of interchangeable  responses that would make Turing dance with glee. I can’t tell them apart from a machine or human either. 

Wer in ur boahdroomz wutchin yu wit intrst

*invisible pink unicorn  peace be unto her hooves.

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